UFC Vegas 23: Marvin Vettori vs. Kevin Holland Final Face Offs

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Sha Gy
Sha Gy 9 күн мурун
Damn marvin looks turn to psycho mode 🤣
S A 12 күн мурун
Marvins juiced up lmaooo
L P 19 күн мурун
Cocaine much?
Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra 6 күн мурун
But italian win again
Pietro Porrello
Pietro Porrello 22 күн мурун
best staredown vettori, very intense
Kaloyan Avramov
Kaloyan Avramov 26 күн мурун
Just your casual Kevin imitating a fly
Gaetano Maraner
Gaetano Maraner 28 күн мурун
Marvin aveva già vinto così 💪
Pemula Chanel
Pemula Chanel 28 күн мурун
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YoungSkywalker 515
YoungSkywalker 515 Ай мурун
Vittori such a weirdo, wtf was that face off... Holland please do this for the people who don’t like fake tough guys like Vittori!!! Got get em Son!!!!!!!
slayerBO2EPC Ай мурун
The intensity that Marvin brings to the table is something else😂
D. D.
D. D. Ай мурун
Well that was awkward.
luciano santi
luciano santi Ай мурун
Holland shit in his pants hhahahh
Rosario Sorio
Rosario Sorio Ай мурун
L italiano e il più forte
User Anonymous
User Anonymous Ай мурун
holland trying not to look shook with his skinny ass got dominated for at least a round or 2 there was alot of laying though
Shawnb Hesh
Shawnb Hesh Ай мурун
When ur hyped like ur gunna ko the guy but then wrestled the whole time
Shawnb Hesh
Shawnb Hesh Ай мурун
@charley222 I was talking about Marvin lmfaoo
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Ай мурун
marvin looks straight into his eyes and kev looks on marvin‘s chest and rubs his hands like a nervous person. I do not know what to make out of this
Desco _
Desco _ Ай мурун
Marvin sei un cazzo di animale 😍
Paul James Jordan
Paul James Jordan Ай мурун
Kevin Holland will be a champ in the next few years ~
Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra 6 күн мурун
Ops Marvin destroy holland
Alessio tiscali
Alessio tiscali Ай мурун
Marvin is cringe as fook this guy doesn’t belong in the ufc
Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual Ай мурун
"Lets gooooo yea lets do it". Then he lays on Holland for 4 rounds🤣🤣.
Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual Ай мурун
@vbddfy euuyt don't fuck with a man's ciabatta bread
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Ай мурун
That’s the look of an Italian that’s just had his bread stolen. Terrifying.
Vivid Corp
Vivid Corp Ай мурун
i want what vettori's having
Zuuur Maaar
Zuuur Maaar Ай мурун
Grandissimo Marvin!!! Italian Pride!!
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh Ай мурун
Holland needs to stop fucking around and get serious about fighting
michael m
michael m Ай мурун
That was weird, very weird 👀
Luca o
Luca o Ай мурун
As I had predicted, Marvin won the match. The face to face has devastated Holland. Holland didn't have the courage to look Marvin in the eye. Discounted result. According to many experts, Marvin won the match against Adesanya. Holland had no chance of winning. If Vettori and Holland fight 10 times, Marvin always wins.
Luca o
Luca o Ай мурун
Holland was destroyed after the face to face. Psychologically destroyed. Marvin remembers Lesnar.
Luca o
Luca o Ай мурун
Thanks Marvin. I made a lot of money. Holland was dominated for 5 rounds as I had predicted. Holland didn't have the courage to look Marvin in the eye. The boy was smoked.
Luca o
Luca o Ай мурун
Marvin is the secret son of Brock Lesnar.
Luca o
Luca o Ай мурун
Marvin "Lesnar" Vettori
The funky Dreamer
The funky Dreamer Ай мурун
Bath salts FTW
Tommer Bag
Tommer Bag Ай мурун
Holland’s the type of guy to get wrestled for 25 fucking minutes again
Ali Jav
Ali Jav Ай мурун
Holland was trying to make a campfire under vettori's chin
Beta Simp
Beta Simp Ай мурун
Is Marvin friend of Jon Jones?
OnLyLaGcAnSaVeU PS4 Ай мурун
That’s the look of an Italian that’s just had his bread stolen. Terrifying.
G.O.A.T Ай мурун
Marvin is a psycho LOL
дем кен
дем кен Ай мурун
ridiculous masks
Claude Speed
Claude Speed Ай мурун
I love vettori after this
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Ай мурун
Yeah definitely did a line before walking out lol
Dh Tj
Dh Tj Ай мурун
This had to be one of the worse fight I have ever seen. Vettori is extremely boring to watch
Zarp Sterr
Zarp Sterr Ай мурун
Holland is the funniest, even when he says nothing....I could feel how much he wanted to open his mouth and go Chris Rock on this Vettori dude....had to admre his discipline there. That staring thing worked. Hope he wins.,
Donato Lorenzo
Donato Lorenzo Ай мурун
Yo if Kevin is this quite you know you either pissed him off or he serious finna throw these hands! Can't wait to see that fight!!!
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Ай мурун
This fight was so ass I hate how they score fights in the UFC like what’s gonna happen on the street this guy just gonna wrestle him to death it’s so ass. Everytime they were on their feet he would smash his face then he would take him down and bam ur a winner like no u suck go fight a wrestling mat.
Um !
Um ! Ай мурун
Kevin trashland, hype train derailed once again!
R J Ай мурун
The scared hiding move is takedowns because you can't stand with someone. Especially after vettori talked all that crap. What a pussy.
lcglazer Ай мурун
Vettori won by Gatekeeper fashion. Congrats on the cheap W. You don’t deserve any title fight.
Safoh2 Kojan
Safoh2 Kojan Ай мурун
jackson larry
jackson larry Ай мурун
QUINDI ?????????
Khanh Do
Khanh Do Ай мурун
Im going with holland with a knock out.
Khanh Do
Khanh Do Ай мурун
@Matteo Pio Amodio lol not at all.
Matteo Pio Amodio
Matteo Pio Amodio Ай мурун
Didn't age well
MrShawnjunglehead Ай мурун
Vetorri looks like he just did a fucking 8 ball 😂😂😂
jwh2333 Ай мурун
Marvin already lost
Matteo Pio Amodio
Matteo Pio Amodio Ай мурун
Well didn't age well
Luigi Rnotyourbusiness
Luigi Rnotyourbusiness Ай мурун
JP Nickelberry
JP Nickelberry Ай мурун
Not enough MacKenzie Dern :(
Eric Doris
Eric Doris Ай мурун
Kevin is going to win he is a beast second round right now
Zahir Eaton
Zahir Eaton Ай мурун
Looked like marvin was trying to intimidate him, wasnt succesful
Saurabh S Kaushik
Saurabh S Kaushik Ай мурун
Marvin 'the Italian venom' Vettori
Andrea Sciancalepore
Andrea Sciancalepore Ай мурун
Marvin hai spaccato Hahahah
YungK.I.D Ай мурун
Kevin scared me da most
Joe123 Ай мурун
Anyone got a link for a stream
Dylandylandylan Dylan
Dylandylandylan Dylan Ай мурун
Marvin is weird just his name is weird lol
SWS-Vlogs Ай мурун
Holland should go bk to cleaning Khamzat's hotel Toilet!
Aaron G
Aaron G Ай мурун
Kevin gonna snap that french fry
Aaron G
Aaron G Ай мурун
Dam I love Mike Perry. Pure ❤
mirko trabocco
mirko trabocco Ай мурун
Grande Vettori 💪🏼💪🏼
Andrea Sarcullo
Andrea Sarcullo Ай мурун
Vai Marvin, forza ragazzo spacca tutto 🇮🇹
Giuseppe Geraci
Giuseppe Geraci Ай мурун
Marvin is gonna beat the shit out of that dude😂🤦🏻‍♂️
xo bugs
xo bugs Ай мурун
kevin trying to make a fire .
Carmelo Jaymes
Carmelo Jaymes Ай мурун
Vitori reminds me of that crazy russian fighter Datsik
Damien Boshco
Damien Boshco Ай мурун
Kevin looks nervous, Vettori looks nuts.
Zoran Hinic
Zoran Hinic Ай мурун
Vettori my Man!!
tony5076 Ай мурун
new legendary fighter? serious kevin holland
Phil Vaselli
Phil Vaselli Ай мурун
Vettori is like a kid in the candy store when he gets to kick some jabroni ass. Vai Marvin spacca tutto!
Travis Bosler
Travis Bosler Ай мурун
Respect to those boys taking their masks off
D Electroniqa
D Electroniqa Ай мурун
Angry Marvin living up to his new nickname.
tonyspoetry Ай мурун
Weird face off
K J Ай мурун
Marvin getting hell of a push
XPWorldTeam Ай мурун
InshaAllah, Kevin's gonna fight a smart, calculated fight.
Jacob Nash
Jacob Nash Ай мурун
Vettori looked a little nervous to me.
salvation core
salvation core Ай мурун
screaming like a ork. he ready to kill some hobbits.
John Saxon
John Saxon Ай мурун
Vettori is juiced to the gills.
EscoPubs Ай мурун
"Bicipiti for boys collo for men" Up🔥🔥🔥 daje Marvin 🙏
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor Ай мурун
The pale orc vs the big mouth
David Stummer
David Stummer Ай мурун
Marvin vittori is psycho good.This will be a interesting fight
Sam Sherman
Sam Sherman Ай мурун
Someone in UFC health department please get Marvin a fucking Retainer. . kids over bite is SUPER distracting
Danny Kim
Danny Kim Ай мурун
Holland rubbing his hands like he founded Cash Money Records 😂😂😂
leJuls B
leJuls B Ай мурун
man... i hope angry marvin wins, but I just get this weird vibe from silent big mouth
APM Gaming
APM Gaming Ай мурун
mike perry in shape 🔥
Matty Cordz
Matty Cordz Ай мурун
The difference between weed and cocaine right there peeps
R6 YoungBoy Ps4
R6 YoungBoy Ps4 Ай мурун
Come on Marvin💪
111 111
111 111 Ай мурун
Holland wins
Brendan Gerber
Brendan Gerber Ай мурун
Holland by KO
Robertino Fast
Robertino Fast Ай мурун
Era meglio TILL! T'ha detto male amico mio! 🥊
dan pierre
dan pierre Ай мурун
When fighters try and scare fighters it’s so funny if he was scared you wouldn’t be fighting you lol
Just for viewership
hsasmgable Ай мурун
He's wiping the ciabatta off his hands that's why vettori is getting so wound up
Ud4Y Ай мурун
Mervin the psychopath will win
Ud4Y Ай мурун
Daniel Rodriguez tattoo are soo cool
user name
user name Ай мурун
Marvin’s staredown inspired my newest video I made (about being coked out lol), haha go Vettori!
Lil Havr0
Lil Havr0 Ай мурун
Y’all are disgusting casuals if you really think Holland has anything but a punchers chance smack yo self silly because vettori is literally game as fuck boy. Vettori is better everywhere and has way way more power, can’t wait to laugh at yall
Glenn Gambitier
Glenn Gambitier Ай мурун
Angry Marvin seems really upset about something :o
Jacob Samano
Jacob Samano Ай мурун
Aside from all the coked up Vettori jokes, I was super impressed with his performance against Hermansson who is a great fighter and was on a tear up to that point. Marvin is a sharp boxer with great power and showed in his last fight that he can match it with good cardio. He’s been dying to get to fight Izzy again and I like his killer mentality that he had towards Till leading up to their fight and has obviously carried over to Holland. Holland better not slack in this fight like he did last time because Marvin will flatline him the first chance he gets.
Alessandro Bettin
Alessandro Bettin Ай мурун
aaarhh ahhaah ahhahh let's goohhh, let's do it!!!
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson Ай мурун
I see Kevins not talking...
Only punks wear face masks
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