Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad have tense face off ahead of UFC Vegas 21

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Ай мурун

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MMA QUIRK 9 саат мурун
This is awesome! Love it.
Reaper 19 күн мурун
2:57 Belal's face HAHHAHAHAHHAHA
Jas Gill
Jas Gill 20 күн мурун
2:59 Leon goes "you gettin fucked up tomorrow bruh" ahaaahaahahaha I'd love to see them running it back altho I see Leon winning 9/10 times. Belals a stud tho
ryan lowe
ryan lowe 28 күн мурун
Leons like i cant wait to stop you staring at anything
Richard Pinto
Richard Pinto 29 күн мурун
Belal before his... destruction.
mszj zzs
mszj zzs 29 күн мурун
very excite !
Wasteland Vikingr
Wasteland Vikingr 29 күн мурун
Shit man, remember that eye Muhammad!
TheGregoryHD 29 күн мурун
Kept is eye on Leon too long for his own good...
p 29 күн мурун
Yeesh. Rip Muhammad’s cornea
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 29 күн мурун
Just by looking at the stare down I had to go with Leon Edwards "The Bully Of The Two" Obviously..... Close but no cigar
Azesal89 29 күн мурун
That fight was unfortunate
Stephen Cornicelli
Stephen Cornicelli 29 күн мурун
Mohammed wont save him
J Dez
J Dez 29 күн мурун
Intentional eye poke for sure. He was warned I. The first round he was warned, and he kept extending his fingers. Should have been a dq
G M.
G M. 29 күн мурун
he hugged DC ,the master, right after the fight lol
Justin Wiseman
Justin Wiseman 29 күн мурун
Put leon the eye poker Edward on the side for another year. I dont wanna watch home fight. Pure garbage. Leon had a warning to not eye poke yet he still continued.
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 29 күн мурун
Leon Edwards must have been taking eye poke lessons from Jon Jones. The UFC needs to stop this shit with more severe penalties. Belal’s eye looks like someone too an ice pick to it.
Sky Fall
Sky Fall 29 күн мурун
Belal will kick his ass harder then he expect
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar 29 күн мурун
IF Belah wins this fight hes number 3. HIm vs the champ makes sense. IF he loses hes done.
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar 29 күн мурун
I got Balal in this one. Placed a LAST min bet. I think 18 months if a long time to be out. I think the fact of the matter is THIS IS his title fight. IS he a top 10 fighter or is he just a GATE keeper? THIS fight will decide his place in the UFC and in LIFE. Leon Edwards is a proven top 10 fighter this fight is about showing hes next for the champ. DESTINY!!!!
biLAWL 29 күн мурун
Let’s be real the homie belal is gonna get his ass beat
Faizal Iskandar
Faizal Iskandar 29 күн мурун
Mentality... Leon have it..
Joshgoshgaming Ай мурун
My guy looked scared 🤣
Rob2 Much
Rob2 Much Ай мурун
Shyt was nutzzzz
Ezekiel Panthera
Ezekiel Panthera Ай мурун
Leon is going to take him down round 4 🤫💯 cheers good luck
spiritbro1 Ай мурун
should be khamzat chimaev
Joshgoshgaming Ай мурун
Hussain Aldafaai
Hussain Aldafaai Ай мурун
Leon needs to be humbled
Merro A
Merro A Ай мурун
I think loan got a problem
Runaway Slave
Runaway Slave Ай мурун
Leon elbowed him in his face, while flexing. Belal looked at Leon but didn't say 'ish. #thelittlethings
fiending Ай мурун
The disrespect is in the air
A.M. Ай мурун
Leon will smash him! 🇬🇧
Chris NunYah
Chris NunYah Ай мурун
The sportsman's ship pre fight is beautiful to see
01fredm Ай мурун
Could be the biggest breakthrough of Belal's career or back to the prelims for him
Julian Todd-Borden
Julian Todd-Borden Ай мурун
Where the fook is Dana?
tommy Dawson
tommy Dawson Ай мурун
3 ranked vs 13 ranked??? Damn Ufc kinda disrespecting Leon
King Of Everything
King Of Everything Ай мурун
Belal stood his ground yo. Two hungry warriors staring each other down (Belal quite literally hungry). I can feel the respect tho.
خالد ابن الوليد
خالد ابن الوليد Ай мурун
Too arrogant i feel belal gonna win luckly of course but justice ☝️
Rob old dog new tricks
Rob old dog new tricks Ай мурун
Belals head is heavyweight
George Superack
George Superack Ай мурун
Bout time we see fleon
Drop Gloves
Drop Gloves Ай мурун
Hopefully Belal gets humbled and learns some manners. Guy had no respect on the face off.
robertg305 Ай мурун
Exciting card
john wick
john wick Ай мурун
Dude could not even look dude ib his eyes that Russian will strach him
idk idk
idk idk Ай мурун
Leon about to bring the smoke n show what Birmingham is all about lets go.
Simon Ай мурун
Go get them Leon, time to right all these wrongs. Strap Season.
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You Ай мурун
Belal and Leon ........ Like two starving lions who can’t wait till cage is open, ( in this case closed) let’s Goooo
LM47 Ай мурун
Nothing better than an intense face off
taleton Ай мурун
I had a sympathy for both,,,Edwards and Mohammad... after the stupid face he made...Now I am full behind Edwards!! Go Edwards....!!!! Smash him....
Tesla's Bitch
Tesla's Bitch Ай мурун
Belal "remember the win" Muhammad Easy money
DorrisGonnaWreckyou Ай мурун
Charlie Tweeter
Charlie Tweeter Ай мурун
Leon Edwards vs Bilal Muhammed 🚨Boy Alert! #OSW
David D
David D Ай мурун
I dont know much about Belal and normally i would favor leon, but its been 1.5 years since he was in the cage, im a firm believer of inactivity and Belal is hungry, nothing really to lose and fought what 3 times past leon last fight, this is dangerous.
COBRA YT Ай мурун
leon has no respect,u can fight your opponent with some respect,thats why mohammed has 2 kick his arrogant ass
mikey Martin
mikey Martin Ай мурун
Leon knocks him out second round 👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
TheDXJC56 Ай мурун
Everyone talking about Leon and Belal and I'm just like.......but what about Davey Grant and Jonathan Martinez?!
Takedownccp Ай мурун
Muhammad acts like how he thinks an mma personality should act very unnatural & will translate to the bout, Edwards by decision
Denny Roman
Denny Roman Ай мурун
D c
D c Ай мурун
Fatma Demirtaş
Fatma Demirtaş Ай мурун
what time does the main match start?
Alee S
Alee S Ай мурун
Belal muhammad inshAllah
HGB 1 Ай мурун
Leon "8 fights in 12 years" Edwards
mario rossi
mario rossi Ай мурун
its gonna be a very long and boring night
Tommy Jameson
Tommy Jameson Ай мурун
Once again tho Leon's fighting someone not considered at the top and he wants to act like hes at the top just dont make sense
stephen atkins
stephen atkins Ай мурун
That’s a viciously callous stare from Leon edwards.
DirtyButler Ай мурун
Leon going down by a k.o
Visa4 Britain
Visa4 Britain Ай мурун
It s gonna be the same result as Connor vs poirier 2, belal was killing it while Leon was drinking proper 12 🤣
receh motovlog
receh motovlog Ай мурун
Belal muhammad,insyaallah the winner☝👍
IMM BRICK Ай мурун
Damnn anders looking fucking ripped
IMM BRICK Ай мурун
I bet mike perry knocks leon out
Lion Man
Lion Man Ай мурун
Belal will beat him inshallah. Light work 👊
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Dream on, Allah hates ufc
A Kamal
A Kamal Ай мурун
I hope Leon gets that shit beaten out of him lol
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Haha, i hope the same about Palestinian flag boy 😃
Mr. La Flare
Mr. La Flare Ай мурун
Ryan Span really doing that Jon Jomes stare down. Cheesy shit.
Clariselol Ай мурун
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
On what? Caps locks
moes dogar
moes dogar Ай мурун
How tall is Leon or how short is belal?
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Mma don't do real stats, so who knows
David Rosen
David Rosen Ай мурун
leon gonna send him to guantanamo
nowornever Ай мурун
I hope it’s a double knockout as far as I’m concerned.
D Daddy
D Daddy Ай мурун
I really hope French Montana knocks that foo out
Opium Eater
Opium Eater Ай мурун
"remember the name" is going to get played with!! 💯 & Edwards is in better physical condition now than his last fight (18 mtjs ago) 💪
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
It won't be a competitive fight. Belal acts like Paulie Malignaggi
El Che
El Che Ай мурун
Belal is gonna chock the ufc.
Opium Eater
Opium Eater Ай мурун
How rude (lol) Rocky attitude stinks😁& in a state of complete relaxation super smooth energy⚡he could've gone...... Shake hand, thks for taking match up 👆 but no Leon gone with total contempt, your beneath me😄he totally got in Belal head, Robbed Belal personal space. I don't know if Belal has encountered such rudeness b4 at a face off but Leon made it very clear to Belal that this 🇬🇧 guy is trouble!!
Emad Ай мурун
Just remember one thing, never underestimate a Muslim fighter.
Jason Stallone
Jason Stallone Ай мурун
Belal is literally trying to intimidate Leon by following him after stare down 😂😂
Morgan2002 Ай мурун
@Thought Criminal I guess, alpha male type shit staying
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
@Morgan2002 Generally the one on our right goes first
Morgan2002 Ай мурун
They both have to leave the same way
ND DIVERS Ай мурун
Leon wins by illegal knee
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Close, but wins by legal elbows causing doctor storage
Joseph Sireno
Joseph Sireno Ай мурун
Leon got this
Lemmewinks Wikileaks
Lemmewinks Wikileaks Ай мурун
Seems like a Leon victory to me but I love being wrong in this sport because it’s more exciting
KAZ TRAZ Ай мурун
Leon's elbow almost touched Belal's face lol at the ending, Belal by the way reminds me of Ariel Helwani lol
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
His fake bravado reminds me of Paulie Malignaggi
MMA & Snooker Philosophy
MMA & Snooker Philosophy Ай мурун
Leon has one of the weirdest body's in the UFC. He basically has no hips
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Or his upper body is just disproportionately big
Veselin Jokanović
Veselin Jokanović Ай мурун
As uncle Chael said, Leon's last fight was more months ago than Belal's was weeks ago. On top of it he is an excellent fighter, he has pretty good chances. 60/40 for Edwards in my opinion.
Heisenberg Ай мурун
Muhammad going to sleep
Demz 258
Demz 258 Ай мурун
Leon gonna smash this guy
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Ай мурун
Belal looks like a beast! He's in great shape!
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Lyndon Lee
Lyndon Lee Ай мурун
One more sleep
Cool MD
Cool MD Ай мурун
Plenty of disrespect from Leon. Good for him.
Jimbo Jimmi
Jimbo Jimmi Ай мурун
Id like masvidal vs leon to see masvidal will knock him out outcold like he dit it to goorilla tilll
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Or hed get rag dolled in the wrestling
Pash Mackintosh
Pash Mackintosh Ай мурун
All respect to Leon, but it says a lot about the division that the 3rd ranked fighter hasn’t fought for a year and a half.
pankinyek Ай мурун
I think this staredown might light a fire under the belly for Belal.
kv kp
kv kp Ай мурун
It will a 49 - 46 match since both thsese guys aren't strikers
Joey Crack
Joey Crack Ай мурун
If belal wins, dana is gonna be pissed
Julian Ай мурун
Muhammed thinking you get that elbow back tomorrow Great fight Belal is on fire Is Edwards going to blow out the candle??!
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Edwards is the elbow king Going to be a long night for belal
J J Ай мурун
Got my cash on Leon..but NO WAY is Belal a walk in the park.. gonna be a good scrap.
Jessyjames Ай мурун
Belal is going to get dominated
B B Ай мурун
Easy win for leon without a doubt
lac Ай мурун
Leon lookin at him like “I can’t believe this clown made it this far”
4kids للأطفال
4kids للأطفال Ай мурун
you mean in number 3 on rankings cuz that definitly not deserved
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
@Kakashi Apart from the 2 times he's stepped up a level in the ufc This is the 3rd step up
Kakashi Ай мурун
He fucked everyone up he fought thats how
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