McGregorFast's Julian Dalby: The most straight forward weight cut that McGregor as done

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Nick Dalby
Nick Dalby Ай мурун
Julian's my older brother. He's a good guy and, as much as he would hate me to say it, he has a soul.
Nick Dalby
Nick Dalby Ай мурун
He can be intense and I'm sure he'd love the likening the terminator but he's just forthright in his ideas. He's also a bloody good ER doc to boot.
Fight Guy UK
Fight Guy UK Ай мурун
Biggest tell that Conor is taking his fighting seriously is the fact that he has invested some of his money in himself
Justin McLisky
Justin McLisky Ай мурун
The laugh of a terminator at the end if weird.
Gerard Mc Ginnity
Gerard Mc Ginnity Ай мурун
Run for the hill's.
James Ай мурун
This chap is hilarious. Obviously knows his stuff inside out but comes across as a bit of a section 8. Has the thousand yard stare going on. Definitely want him working with you as opposed to against you
Luka Luketic
Luka Luketic Ай мурун
Julian bzzz bzzz - *Elaborating adequate response for human interaction* "The smaller faster mammal... man***"
Paul O'Reilly
Paul O'Reilly Ай мурун
The aul Ras Doc Jules...
Marbat Hussain
Marbat Hussain Ай мурун
Where’s the bum tigg data
Sean Anson
Sean Anson Ай мурун
He looked a bit light. I think Dustin will be 10-15lbs heavier on the night. Should be a banger!
Stijn Lits
Stijn Lits Ай мурун
people still yakking about Conor's conditioning need to go and hear uncle Chael rant about the topic, that stupid
Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards Ай мурун
The docs awkward af bless him
Dylan Ай мурун
155 comments 😂😂 I need to get a life
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Ай мурун
This is doc from the future Let’s Go
Rienne Of Tarth
Rienne Of Tarth Ай мурун
אלעד ר
אלעד ר Ай мурун
This guy looks like a real pro
Michael Smyth
Michael Smyth Ай мурун
Fair play, he looks in deadly condition
sullieking Ай мурун
That interviewer is me favourite out of them all and that and the other kid with glasses who has his own page.
QuadraxisTheGreat Ай мурун
Anyone notice the injection site on mcgregor stomach?
Thizz Gerald
Thizz Gerald Ай мурун
Saw you on another video with the same comment troll lmfao get a life.
James Harland
James Harland Ай мурун
These guys are radiating mcgregor ?!?
abhishek singh
abhishek singh Ай мурун
This dude talks like a human robot 🤖😂
evan basnet
evan basnet Ай мурун
Would love to see him in Joe Rogan Podcast.
Linkgame25 Ай мурун
We not gonna talk about the typo in the title?
Luka Muren
Luka Muren Ай мурун
SO WRONG LOL... Conor needs fat, that is the problem all these years. all muscle, no fat... hope they go 5 rounds cuz I predict thiz thingz lol, so it will be shown again he has no cardio. Hope he wins tho;) but yeah, it is wrong, he needs more fat in his body
No Name
No Name Ай мурун
why didnt he ask him about some actual numbers. would have been interesting. aynway great insights.
Ninja Thumbs
Ninja Thumbs Ай мурун
Oh who cares he looks good they all do, great.
Consumo Personal
Consumo Personal Ай мурун
Conor's conditioning robot is state of the art
MMA Freaks
MMA Freaks Ай мурун
Fook Motivated Mcgregor.... Calm Friendly Mcgregor is the real threat
Gilly Erdbayr
Gilly Erdbayr Ай мурун
Conors team of professionals remind me of that classic scene from Rocky where Drago trains
FHSMAW Ай мурун
this is what I've said for years strip BF% not H02%
maaz ali
maaz ali Ай мурун
That man speaks professional 🙂😎🙂
rafael silva
rafael silva Ай мурун
This man is a robot
Jon Ай мурун
"Empirically he is a better athlete than we have ever seen before." We have rebuild him, we have the technology. We have made him better, faster, stronger.
Ry Ry
Ry Ry Ай мурун
Conor 'drago' McGregor
punishedvenom harambe
punishedvenom harambe Ай мурун
Mecha McGregor, Mecha Friezas younger brother
Scott Ай мурун
He was staring at the interviewers mouth throughout this, it made me uncomfortable 😂
Dialectic Ай мурун
Haha he's in his mind recalling information to reply to.
carry-on baggage
carry-on baggage Ай мурун
maybe fix that typo in the title. thank you :=)
Kani X
Kani X Ай мурун
subham jaiswal
subham jaiswal Ай мурун
subham jaiswal
subham jaiswal Ай мурун
Cegie Nikko Capulso
Cegie Nikko Capulso Ай мурун
is it just me or he's like the terminator? lmao
e9uals Ай мурун
The death stare
Patrick J
Patrick J Ай мурун
LMOA, I literally jst thought so
Zack Hall
Zack Hall Ай мурун
guy never blinks....weird
Guiding star Lapasam
Guiding star Lapasam Ай мурун
Connor look fantastic this time with his shape!
Juan Pablo Mejia
Juan Pablo Mejia Ай мурун
Hope this guy goes to jre
Cillian Mcdonagh
Cillian Mcdonagh Ай мурун
Thats the best i seen mcgregor look
MMA Freaks
MMA Freaks Ай мурун
Mcgregor Fast is 💯💥
Last Name
Last Name Ай мурун
If Xonar Mac looses then let’s start stating facts Nate smashed him twice, khabib choked him out and a lot of mma fans expected a knock out against Floyd when he got made dun of, toyed with and absolutely smashed before he quit from a natural 135 pound fighter
Thizz Gerald
Thizz Gerald Ай мурун
How did Nate win twice? lmfao Conor's hand was raised at the end of the second fight so what reality are you living in. Khabib is retired so he's irrelevant now. He made a promise to mommy to never fight again and surely such a honorable man like Khabib will keep his word to his mommy hahaha and Floyd, well hes arguably the best boxer this generation has ever seen and plus Floyd beat Canelo who is now the light heavyweight champion of the world as well as a champion in 3 other weight classes lmao so dont act like Floyd is just some small weak man lol another thing is that Conor moved to Mayweathers sport lmao if Mayweather fought in UFC with Conor we all know what would happen lmfao
Anto Flynn
Anto Flynn Ай мурун
Nate has 12 losses a win is a win khabib smashed everybody Floyd is the best boxer in the world never lost he beat dustin already so I don't think anyone will give a shit two great fighters win or lose tomorrow night 💯👍🏼
D3N1S BL4CK Ай мурун
has dudes has not ass
Dylan Mounsey
Dylan Mounsey Ай мурун
Anyone notice Holloway looked wider last weekend
Adolf Berghanus
Adolf Berghanus Ай мурун
MΘVE Ай мурун
S&C take dedication and time. Stats don’t lie. These guys know what they are doing and they have had the time to get the results. It has now come to fruition. I doubt we will get to see his true conditioning
Jimmy Baginski
Jimmy Baginski Ай мурун
Bob Geldof called wants his voice back
Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper Ай мурун
Forming PTSD from the "vrroooommm" going by every few seconds in all the interviews 🏎️🤣
Dementor Ай мурун
Jay Ай мурун
lol? lower body fat will make him tired more quickly. what is he talking about? Lower body fat = more muscle = less oxygen
P K Ай мурун
Depends on the type of muscle and how he's trained
Mikey H
Mikey H Ай мурун
Even BT are so excited about this fight they're spelling their video titles wrong lol
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe Ай мурун
How funny would it be if McGregory got slept in the 1st round.
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe Ай мурун
@Keef bandwagoner fake fighting fan.
Keef Ай мурун
He's NEVER been slept, only submitted. Dream on.
Joni Puig
Joni Puig Ай мурун
I hope not but yeah that would be tragic from one side funny in the other!
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming Ай мурун
Thought that was Elon musk in the thumbnail for a sec
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming Ай мурун
@Adolf Berghanus lol
Adolf Berghanus
Adolf Berghanus Ай мурун
Me too lmao
Rob Sycamore
Rob Sycamore Ай мурун
An interview w the elusive Doc?! Brilliant work. A underappreciated talent, for sure.
Luke Willis
Luke Willis Ай мурун
Wouldn't want a staring contest against this guy 😂
Angel Ай мурун
@Adolf Berghanus intrviwr showed the first signs of weakness 0:44
Adolf Berghanus
Adolf Berghanus Ай мурун
The interviewer didn't give a fuck. He stared back at him without ever breaking eye contact.
Justin Douglass
Justin Douglass Ай мурун
thats hilarious! was thinking he was pretty serious
Charles Morris
Charles Morris Ай мурун
No . He’s very intense
Adacy Ай мурун
Nick Zap
Nick Zap Ай мурун
Dustin looked like was gunna cry on the scale it was weird
dëėfwxp Ай мурун
thats some heavy staring
dëėfwxp Ай мурун
@Hamza Hussain made me uncomfortable like fr tho what are you supposed to do? i always felt like solid eye contact for long amounts off time was “threatening” lmao
Hamza Hussain
Hamza Hussain Ай мурун
He probably makes his tv uncomfortable
Henry Gauntlett
Henry Gauntlett Ай мурун
Julian “the Irish terminator” Dalby
Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze
Rays Through Trees, Summer Breeze Ай мурун
@Deartháir agus mairtíreach After "aye" I read everything in Irish accent. Thanks lad.
Deartháir agus mairtíreach
Deartháir agus mairtíreach Ай мурун
@Henry Gauntlett in places like Dublin, Waterford, Wexford, Cork and Limerick where they set up naval ports, aye. But those were small pockets of the islands that were Viking colonies, the rest of Ireland was split into kingdoms ruled by Irish kings. Eventually the Vikings were pushed out by Brian Boru in the Battle of Clontarf and the remnants of the Vikings assimilated into Gaelic society. In fact, in the Scottish Hebrides a lot of Vikings mixed with the Gael Scots, and like the Norse-Irish they became known as Gall Ghaeil in Irish Gaelic, or Gall Gháidheil in Scottish Gaelic, which means foreigner Gaels.
Pj Marsden
Pj Marsden Ай мурун
@Henry Gauntlett a main point of entry for the vikings was in Ireland. They built large ports there
Henry Gauntlett
Henry Gauntlett Ай мурун
@Deartháir agus mairtíreach interesting stuff, don’t a lot of the Irish have Viking ancestors?
Deartháir agus mairtíreach
Deartháir agus mairtíreach Ай мурун
He’s got a Scandinavian surname, most likely he’s descended from Viking ancestry that mixed with the Gaels in Dublin.
sumit Singh
sumit Singh Ай мурун
Bring tony he will guide you how cardio works
Benjamin Ай мурун
The Doc!
Angelo Matta
Angelo Matta Ай мурун
Conor look in a absolutely amazing shape.
jason peng
jason peng Ай мурун
Porrier was looking rough on that scale. Might be a quick one
Adolf Berghanus
Adolf Berghanus Ай мурун
@Nick Zap Dustin is an emotional creature but he's also a predator inside of that octagon.
danny mccarthy
danny mccarthy Ай мурун
@Nick Zap when he was flexing it looked like he was swaying
XeniousThe 2nd
XeniousThe 2nd Ай мурун
@Nick Zap aye! he's been paid to throw the match.
Nick Zap
Nick Zap Ай мурун
Just me or did he look he was going to cry ?
sumit Singh
sumit Singh Ай мурун
If you have big bank account anything is possible
Josh Parry
Josh Parry Ай мурун
What is the reason for not wanting a 160 divisions. Surely if the fighters have to cut less weight the completion will be at a higher standard And better fights will happen. don’t see what the problem with it is ?
Josh Parry
Josh Parry Ай мурун
@Dwaine Brown right I see mate. Just quite a jump aswell from 155 to 170 you know what I mean. Hopefully they decide to give it a go think it would be good for the fighters who struggle to make 155 and takes a lot out of them. But aren’t big enough for 170 !
Dwaine Brown
Dwaine Brown Ай мурун
i agree but dana said with another weight class at 160 there will be to many people jumping weight classes between the 155, 160/165 if they done one of them and then the 170. dana said it will be to much head work pretty much
Futtoo Beats
Futtoo Beats Ай мурун
Why he staring at the floor lmao
Benjamin Ай мурун
Is he
liam wootton
liam wootton Ай мурун
I like conor but ur all arselicks khabib the real champ #smashed
Vinny Milchak
Vinny Milchak Ай мурун
This guy is scared to death to look at the camera lol
Robert S.
Robert S. Ай мурун
thakurdas yadav
thakurdas yadav Ай мурун
If u are in 155 shape how will you regain weight Dustin will be at fucking 183 😁
Leo Pat
Leo Pat Ай мурун
Thought the weigh in wasn't until 10am?
ciarantiger Ай мурун
Ceremonial is.
Biplob Tamang
Biplob Tamang Ай мурун
This guy knows his stuff.
Bruno uno Wuno
Bruno uno Wuno Ай мурун
*Has done
Chris H
Chris H Ай мурун
Conner looked different. In immense shape IMMENSE SHAPE
idalgleish87 Ай мурун
@Lewis Wallace ok louise.
Lewis Wallace
Lewis Wallace Ай мурун
@idalgleish87 Ahhh yes the classic you have to be homosexual to spell people’s names correctly. The only thing coming out here are your own insecurities brother.
idalgleish87 Ай мурун
@Lewis Wallace because hes not gay
Chris H
Chris H Ай мурун
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 con air ha ha ha.
Mik33 Milli3
Mik33 Milli3 Ай мурун
@QuadraxisTheGreat lmao nah bro you ain't beating USADA. Nice try lol
Darren Mccann
Darren Mccann Ай мурун
He looked fantastic
IruBiinI Ай мурун
This guy doesn’t look human
Charles Morris
Charles Morris Ай мурун
Ciaran ONeill nailed it
Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney Ай мурун
The doc
Ciaran ONeill
Ciaran ONeill Ай мурун
Looks like an Irish Schwarzenegger
Len Coughlan
Len Coughlan Ай мурун
MMA Face-Off
MMA Face-Off Ай мурун
Big up the Doc! Still waiting on the Phil Sutcliffe Maclife interview.
MMA Face-Off
MMA Face-Off Ай мурун
@bark ruffalo true, forgot about that one. Would love a fight week one though aswell.
bark ruffalo
bark ruffalo Ай мурун
I believe there already is one
Mairis Berzins
Mairis Berzins Ай мурун
Zaittsev Ай мурун
Where's this guy from?
Deartháir agus mairtíreach
Deartháir agus mairtíreach Ай мурун
Irish with Scandinavian ancestry.
Leo Pat
Leo Pat Ай мурун
Rory Mahon
Rory Mahon Ай мурун
Now there's a guy that properly knows his shit at how to make and execute a data driven science based plan. So interesting
Paul O'Reilly
Paul O'Reilly Ай мурун
And Rory, a lot of it has been driven from cycling. Power output, weight, dexas, lactates etc etc. All numerical stats used in cycling and now MMA. Julian is an ex Irish national champ in cycling and has always kept up to date with the development in training.
Chem Koek
Chem Koek Ай мурун
@James Butler From context its clear that they are talking in the realm of the weight division they are fighting in. Don't be a douchebag, its not going to bring you anywhere.
Adolf Berghanus
Adolf Berghanus Ай мурун
@James Butler Cringe comment. Leave this section. No one wants you here.
James Butler
James Butler Ай мурун
@Elliott Connolly fuck what he meant, it’s what he said lol. Guy is a doctor, he should be expressing himself in an articulate manner. “The smaller faster man will ALWAYS win” - Dr. Doofy, 2021
Rory Mahon
Rory Mahon Ай мурун
@Jon Exactly
JB Dather
JB Dather Ай мурун
basista12 Ай мурун
the man hardly blinks
OoLiiMiiT3D Ай мурун
psychopath trying to blend in
Benjamin Ай мурун
I feel he’s just staring and doesn’t want to luck away like in a trance
basista12 Ай мурун
@king kenny no thought he wasnt. Weird
king kenny
king kenny Ай мурун
not even making eye contact is he? fcuking weirdo lOL
jeremyramone Ай мурун
What happened to Lockhart?
Pj Marsden
Pj Marsden Ай мурун
Lockhart could get the weight off you but in a way you still perform at your best .nope .. Alot of fighters have punted him
Dwaine Brown
Dwaine Brown Ай мурун
Apparently lockhearts seviere weight cuts were affecting mcgregors conditioning in the fights and that mainly the reason why he would gas out too. excited to see how everything is different this time
Mibsam Malik
Mibsam Malik Ай мурун
he left him
michael o brien
michael o brien Ай мурун
That was a Ufc 205 style weigh in. He looked as fresh as he could have been on the scale.
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey Ай мурун
Agreed! He looked bad against khabib at the weigh in. I believe he was having a drinking problem for sure. Donald was big too. And we saw what happened. Dustins head movement is just to similar still. He does down 3 mins in
P I Ай мурун
@DRGUNZ no he will go up a little bit of weight but not as much as a normal weight cut cause his body is close to the 155 mark already without weight cut
Tender Rs
Tender Rs Ай мурун
I feel like this time he only cut like 8 pounds or something, usually he walks around at 171 lol
DRGUNZ Ай мурун
So does that mean that he will weigh in less on fight night as well rather than most fighters. Like most fighters after their weight cut go up like 15 to 20 pounds. Would his not go too high then?
Douglas MacRay
Douglas MacRay Ай мурун
I notice same here mate Let's go ChampChamp🍀
PNW-87 Ай мурун
For anyone who cut weight for wrestling or similar sports growing up, they know how much a bad cut can affect your performance. Conor looked really good in this cut.
James Franko
James Franko Ай мурун
@Michael Siegfried no he looked pretty good for cutting around 30 pounds, Conor just looked too good in comparison.
James Franko
James Franko Ай мурун
@Robertas Gar bad idea if that was in amateur boxing
QuadraxisTheGreat Ай мурун
@Robertas Gar 22.2 lbs. good bit to cut
Michael Siegfried
Michael Siegfried Ай мурун
Yep and Dustin looked bad
Shlomo Isaac Shekelbergoviz
Shlomo Isaac Shekelbergoviz Ай мурун
Watercuts are nuts , especially at the amateur level. Sitting in a fridge is just one little gem. I hated that shit.
B Ben
B Ben Ай мурун
Second lul. Plus he has the best team on his side.
Santino Mozzarella
Santino Mozzarella Ай мурун
tell poirier i'm coming
Ash Drums
Ash Drums Ай мурун
Meanwhile, Poirier is stood just 3 metres away behind him.
Karl robson
Karl robson Ай мурун
First. Nice
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