Jeremy Stephens shoves Drakkar Klose across stage as UFC Vegas 24 Final Face Offs turn physical

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29 күн мурун

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Mr. Animalover
Mr. Animalover 9 күн мурун
*"I can't let you get klose"*
FakeAndTrolled 11 күн мурун
He’s an angry elf.
Mike Power
Mike Power 12 күн мурун
I’m still trying to find out who the fuck the guy who pushed him is
Juggy117 12 күн мурун
“I can’t let you get Klose” - Jeremy Stephens
Skyler Rezentes
Skyler Rezentes 12 күн мурун
Gastelum and Whittaker are both like, “Let’s show Stephens how to be professional.”
quazzie1 14 күн мурун
Is that official that had hold of Klose Keith Jardine? Hard to tell with the mask, but it looks like him. And it looks like his head didn't snap forward much, so it's hard to see how that led to a concussion. Sometimes the body can take massive punishment with no ill effects, and others, all it takes is some small something to wreck a body part.
J Burrough
J Burrough 14 күн мурун
cheap shot • if you’d call it a shot.
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan 14 күн мурун
How tf that shove stop the fight?
Kyle P. Riles
Kyle P. Riles 14 күн мурун
That wasn’t cool
Angelofwar 92
Angelofwar 92 16 күн мурун
I like him even more now just sad I wasn’t able to see him battle and knock klose block off
Ishey Z
Ishey Z 17 күн мурун
Jeremy won by TKO via push.
River Styx
River Styx 18 күн мурун
Rich Well
Rich Well 19 күн мурун
Jeremy Stephens is a clown.
C Brown
C Brown 19 күн мурун
I guess it can happen, but it's surprising considering he fights for a living that a push compressed his spine.
Trapback 19 күн мурун
If he got injured from just a push imagine what would have happened if he was actually hit?
John Parungao
John Parungao 20 күн мурун
First TKO via weigh-in I've ever seen. Musta been a Level 9000 shove right there.
Jaybie Dayy
Jaybie Dayy 20 күн мурун
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to put his face in your hands
Peter 20 күн мурун
“Who da fook is dat guy?” - Drakkar Klose’s sandal
민헨ᄋᄋ 21 күн мурун
??: Who the fuck is that guy
Papa Smoke
Papa Smoke 22 күн мурун
Iv fucked my neck up just from head banging to some metal 🤣
Work Jeff
Work Jeff 22 күн мурун
You can bring back Paul Daley, you can shitcan Stephens, or you can be full of shit. While the first two options are clearly the best, my money is on #3.
John 22 күн мурун
At the point where I can’t stand Stephens. He’s got no mic skills (Conor confirmed that) and now he’s an occupational liability for Dana. Cut him. We need more guys like Rob.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 22 күн мурун
Who ended up winning the fight?
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 22 күн мурун
@Gerardo. B damn really
Gerardo. B
Gerardo. B 22 күн мурун
When he pushed the guy it messed his neck from the whip motion of his head and the fight was canceled. The guy still got paid though
Jesse Reimer
Jesse Reimer 23 күн мурун
Whiplash is no joke
dfpguitar 23 күн мурун
has drakkar not ever seen a face off before ? why is he so surprised and his feelings hurt? If he didn't want to be touched he should have stood back. It's not unheard of for fighters to even headbutt, kiss or even spit at opponents in face off.
Matthew Silva
Matthew Silva 23 күн мурун
Apparently he was “concust and had whiplash” and couldn’t compete smh...🤦🏻‍♂️
Aj Kurcic
Aj Kurcic 23 күн мурун
Good job stephens the job is to injure your opponent during the fight not before the fight......
Travis Martin
Travis Martin 23 күн мурун
dude shoulda just smiled and said "who the fook is that?!"
Erik Patterson
Erik Patterson 23 күн мурун
Jeremy has the best push knock out in UFC history
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 23 күн мурун
So here's my question. Not to be a b!tch but what type of trouble does Stephens get in for this. I feel like the toxic part is that with the whole see you tomorrow/wink thing it really felt like Stephens promoting himself. Mistakes are more respectable when made spur of the moment compared to premeditated "look how hardcore I am" moments. I think there should be a little slack with altercations but at the end of the day they're supposed to be professionals
Scean lyonz
Scean lyonz 23 күн мурун
0 inch push!!!
RJ Family Hobbies
RJ Family Hobbies 23 күн мурун
Wow he didn’t fight because of that?
Mizanul Hoque
Mizanul Hoque 23 күн мурун
Jeremy Stephens will always be a douche.
HitlerActually 23 күн мурун
*That's it????*
Luiz Gonzaga
Luiz Gonzaga 23 күн мурун
Bill young
Bill young 23 күн мурун
Called the fight because he got injured from a push probably a good thing he's not getting in the cage and actually getting hit
Rambo Richardson
Rambo Richardson 24 күн мурун
Gastelum got that Gangsta Walk!
Rambo Richardson
Rambo Richardson 24 күн мурун
Gastlum got that gangsta walk down! ....yes I'm fairly certain I just misspelled his name...can't auto correct everything 😂
Elohim Gabin
Elohim Gabin 24 күн мурун
For everyone wondering, the reason Jeremy pushed Klose was because Klose stepped towards him as they were going to face off. You can clearly hear Jermey at 1:37 Saying, “dont get in my face.” So that confirms it right there.
o0Mr Robot0o
o0Mr Robot0o 24 күн мурун
Jeremy needs to retire with his trash record. He was probably scared he was gonna take another loss. Dude hasn't won a fight in three years...
Marco Marquardt
Marco Marquardt 24 күн мурун
What a bum. Both lost a paycheck
big pp gamer
big pp gamer 24 күн мурун
Only know Stephens because of mcgregor
Pr.Moisés Terra Oficial
Pr.Moisés Terra Oficial 24 күн мурун
Stepens was drugged, you could see it clearly. This type of attitude makes the ufc go down every day, this is not an example anywhere. Little shame, this car has to be banned from the sport. Athlete trash
Rajendra Nadarajan
Rajendra Nadarajan 24 күн мурун
Drakker got a concussion from that push? He ain't gonna cut it in MMA
sneakernomics 24 күн мурун
Stephens needs to stop punching and start pushing if he can give concussions with a shove
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul 24 күн мурун
LOL - Dana White calls out Sean Shelby for letting this escalate - I sort of have to agree - Sean had one job that day. Otherwise why is he even there?????
Mirza Tanović
Mirza Tanović 24 күн мурун
Jeremy Stephens the type of guy to shove his wife off the bed for stealing the covers
dolamike584 24 күн мурун
I hope he sues big for that push, this is a job not some street shit.
The Shockmaster
The Shockmaster 24 күн мурун
TKO at weigh ins Jeremy Stephens is a savage
Chandler 24 күн мурун
Finally some fucking drama before the fight
adrian roldan
adrian roldan 24 күн мурун
Klose withdrew from the bout bc of a push. On the other hand gastelum ate bombs from Whitaker and didn't even sneezed
Hans2076 24 күн мурун
Who the f.. is that guy😂😂😂(jeremy Stevens)
Alex Monkhouse
Alex Monkhouse 25 күн мурун
Stephens breaking yet another record for fastest fight time beating Jorge Masvidals time by an entire day At - 24 hours !
MalMarti NieOfficial
MalMarti NieOfficial 25 күн мурун
How is this not an assault?
Jordan Inman
Jordan Inman 25 күн мурун
How do you get a concussion from a shove and do mixed martial arts.... obviously he was injured in training camp
Rosco Pecouletrane
Rosco Pecouletrane 25 күн мурун
Whip lash huh oops that backfired
Daniel walker
Daniel walker 25 күн мурун
How you gonna let Alistair go an yet keep Orlovsky
Edwin Recon
Edwin Recon 25 күн мурун
He had his hands back . What a sucker move.
Duffy19 Duffy
Duffy19 Duffy 19 саат мурун
@Rich Well when I push people they don’t fucking move
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 7 күн мурун
jeremy stephens won without having to even fight
Rich Well
Rich Well 19 күн мурун
Jeremy Stephens is a clown.
Papa Smoke
Papa Smoke 22 күн мурун
@JDCII they both did. Jeremy stephens is the type of guy to get in your face and then punch you for being in his face
JDCII 23 күн мурун
Yea but he rubbed up against JSs belly, +simultaneous nose contact.. wrong wtf you..
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 25 күн мурун
Way it go jeremy, now fights cancelled. Wasted everybodys time both training camp just because you got pumped up. Are we supposed to be amazed you pushed him? We want to see you two fight. You think pushing intimidates fighters? They would not have been in mma if theyre afraid of a little push.
shortbuspimp 25 күн мурун
AndyFitness DaContent
AndyFitness DaContent 25 күн мурун
Imma need that medical expert guy to make a video on this
i feel like i'm a TOAD
i feel like i'm a TOAD 25 күн мурун
Klose got pissed off and feigned injury.
Samasaja Saja
Samasaja Saja 25 күн мурун
Where's dana putih
Ado Brka
Ado Brka 25 күн мурун
The irony is that he got allways bitch slaped in the octagon..type of guy that shows his strenght outside the octagon..jeremy stivens
Corey Corey
Corey Corey 25 күн мурун
They're saying yesterday that British gave him extreme whiplash and the fight got canceled for that
Robert Caballero
Robert Caballero 25 күн мурун
Stephens ruined a good as co main event
George Case
George Case 25 күн мурун
As if McGregor hadn't already, Jeremy Stephens just solidified himself as the UFCs biggest bitch. Hope he gets sued
Pablo Castillo III
Pablo Castillo III 25 күн мурун
That’s not cool Stephen’s! I like Jeremy but dang dude! Asshole move
Rocky johnson
Rocky johnson 25 күн мурун
The guy that was pushed is seen bending over after to pickup his shirt or whatever with no discomfort. If I was Dana I would just Fire both of them, The guy who pushed him for screwing up the fight for all of us and the guy that got pushed for being a baby and faking an injury.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 25 күн мурун
Imagine being 5’8” 145......that was like freshman year for me 😂
ctrrrs 25 күн мурун
1:25 Your welcome
Winston Wolf
Winston Wolf 25 күн мурун
He wouldn’t see him tomorrow..
JRswag 25 күн мурун
Drakkar: "He shoved me Doc, Jeremy Stephens shoved me" Doctor: "Who da fook is that guy"
Nick Diaz Army MFERS
Nick Diaz Army MFERS 23 күн мурун
RiK Rivine
RiK Rivine 25 күн мурун
1:27 *What you Came for*
TooMuchTruth 25 күн мурун
It's not the push you see that hurts you, it's the push you don't see. Real talk.
Zombewerks 25 күн мурун
This shit is out of control. I feel thanks to Connor macgregor there’s a handful of guys hungry for big money fights that try and take the showmanship a little to far. Shit talking ok, but now you’ve screwed yourself out of the money for being over the top. The ufc has gone years without needing the showmanship before the fights. Lets shit talk and then showcase our skills in the octagon. Just like it has always been.
Stephen Palyo
Stephen Palyo 25 күн мурун
Stephens should have to give his purse to Klose AND be kicked out of the UFC. He isn't anyone special anyway. Not like anyone is paying to see him. He will forever be known as the, "who the Fook is that guy" person anyway.
Nick Recker
Nick Recker 25 күн мурун
Such a bitch move to push someone with their arms behind their back lmao. Stephens embarrassing himself by fumbling the bag pre-fight.
BoDiggety 25 күн мурун
I'm no medical doctor but can you actually get a concussion from a shove from the front?
Nick Recker
Nick Recker 25 күн мурун
Dehydration and whiplash...definitely. He wasn't aware of the push coming, and all jokes aside, Jeremy pushed him really fuckin hard.
s ami
s ami 25 күн мурун
Did he lost the hard pushing?
Mumble bushcraft
Mumble bushcraft 25 күн мурун
John Chapol
John Chapol 25 күн мурун
that guy got sucker pushed, btw anyone know who the pusher is
Raymond Morrison
Raymond Morrison 25 күн мурун
He said he pushed him because he was in his face.... Well that's what you do in a FACE OFF 🤷‍♂️😂😂, still a fan of the guy tho lol
Max Vivani
Max Vivani 25 күн мурун
This guy moves people when I push someone they stay pushed
It’s Crippler
It’s Crippler 25 күн мурун
Very professional boys lol
davewest 26 күн мурун
He will prob get released. On top of that his last 5 fights have been mostly losses.. He needs to go
Occupy 1
Occupy 1 26 күн мурун
Stephens cost me money with that push! Wtf.
Joshua A
Joshua A 26 күн мурун
Stephens is obviously trying to sell the fight and make it.more exciting. He even winked at the end. I took the wink as "just go with it man I'm trying to beef up our fight"
FUCK OFF 26 күн мурун
Drakkar pulling an Aljo
Likewise4Gaming 26 күн мурун
Jeremy “I can’t let you get Klose” Sonnen
Joshua Polinio
Joshua Polinio 26 күн мурун
Jeremy: I can't let you get Klose
L J 26 күн мурун
Jeremy stephens didn’t like being kissed
b h
b h 26 күн мурун
michael 26 күн мурун
What an idiot for doing that. Caused himself 20-50 grand
Dennis Gjoka
Dennis Gjoka 26 күн мурун
Who the fook is that guy
Chili Bird
Chili Bird 26 күн мурун
A fucking push n his hand went numb lol
Great Games Videos TV
Great Games Videos TV 26 күн мурун
Whittaker be like these small fries trying to steal some of our lights by doing some drama, yeah that was a hard push but excuse me I have to make my entrance and mind my own business.
poiuyuiop G
poiuyuiop G 26 күн мурун
now you know who the fook am i
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy 26 күн мурун
Jeremy Steven’s was scared lol
BUZZZ TV 26 күн мурун
Fighters should use this move in a fight .
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