Conor McGregor declares "155, that's championship weight" at UFC 257 official weigh-ins

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Kimberly Argueta
Kimberly Argueta 8 күн мурун
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Tee Bone
Tee Bone Ай мурун
Thank you babe
Zip Jones
Zip Jones Ай мурун
I don't know man..... I think conor should have stayed at 170
sokin jon
sokin jon Ай мурун
And the Gazelles said "we will never cross this river again"
sokin jon
sokin jon Ай мурун
And the Gazelles said "we will never cross this river again"
hery yohans
hery yohans Ай мурун
if you are a man .. I suggest you fight with a khabib somewhere without money and titles. Fighting there is only you and 3 companions .. and the video is shown as evidence .. the world wants to see who is the loser .. you seem to want to look great in front of the crowd and talk too much.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Ай мурун
probably win, although I'll love to see Dustin win.
sokin jon
sokin jon Ай мурун
Casual fan boys going back & deleting comments so fast, KGglobal is showing "ERROR" hahahaha
Jeremy Toler
Jeremy Toler Ай мурун
Merro A
Merro A Ай мурун
Haha I should’ve not commented here I didn’t know this was a Conor community
mash12 Ай мурун
It's fascinating how a 155 pound man thinks he's so tough, last time I was 155 I was in elementary school.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Ай мурун
Yay I really wanted to see this yay
Not.enough to.go.around
Not.enough to.go.around Ай мурун
He has massive arms for 155
Futureparadise.20 Ай мурун
I love how the people saying “Conor’s going to win” are literally the same backwards fans to say “Haha, Conor got his ass kicked! McTapper”
Mark Ive
Mark Ive Ай мурун
I predict Conor gets knocked out in the 2 nd round ! 👍😂
joe rogan
joe rogan Ай мурун
Fabio Mabobabo
Fabio Mabobabo Ай мурун
LOL thats championship weigh GETS KNOCKED THE FOOK OUT IN 2 ROUNDS
Plus Aero Services
Plus Aero Services Ай мурун
This was a money fight for Connor before full retirement. Everybody knows his game by now and he was gassed out in two rounds. In addition to that a few good purches from Dustin put him down. He is history.
Adesh Kumar
Adesh Kumar Ай мурун
Wheres all the mccnuggets fans saying conor would beat khabib lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joe M
Joe M Ай мурун
Dustin the biggest 155 ER in the division. Seen him in interviews with no fight comi g up and he's easily 200lbs. No idea how he made 145
O_Shenron4Game Ай мурун
Who's here after connor loss?
Nicolas Höll
Nicolas Höll Ай мурун
So many fucking experts on human psychology :D THIS AGED SO FUCKING WELL.
Muj N
Muj N Ай мурун
Traiye R
Traiye R Ай мурун
Shame on Connor and well done Dustin. Legen......dart.
Mehdi Blidi
Mehdi Blidi Ай мурун
Salam Mr. Conor , I invite you to find your way to the truth religion, Islam. That is the BIGGEST Win
Przemysław Skorek
Przemysław Skorek Ай мурун
@The Shire I believe in my God don’t you worry about that. I just don’t need to preach to everyone like an idiot. Worse than jehovah witnesses. JESUS GIVE ME STRENGTH.
Mehdi Blidi
Mehdi Blidi Ай мурун
@Przemysław Skorek its ok he lose the fight. This life is just illusion. He should work for the Best life now
Przemysław Skorek
Przemysław Skorek Ай мурун
I’m so happy that Dustin won. But can you piss off with the religion buddy? No one wants to hear this crap lmao
Ryan Ай мурун
Casual fan boys going back & deleting comments so fast, KGglobal is showing "ERROR" hahahaha
Msd Tpt
Msd Tpt Ай мурун
Where Are Connor Fan Boys Now? Your Foul Mouth Mcchicken Is Eating Dust Now By Dustin The Diamond Porier...
Tf Oh
Tf Oh Ай мурун
Inb4 all these casual conor Fanboys vanish into this air again 😂😂
JOHO TV Ай мурун
Hi Conor fanboy!!!! Game over 4 conor told ya. DIAMOND💪
JQshua1zZ Ай мурун
Khabib made him humble. At the end of the day he was right.
W. H.
W. H. Ай мурун
Except when Khabib hadn't retired yet...
Adam Busch
Adam Busch Ай мурун
Is it just me or does conar look out of shape this camp he looked better at the khabib weigh ins
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Ай мурун
FILT Ай мурун
Who said “ay stop this”? You don’t say that to a fighter, especially on fight week. I would’ve snapped and squared up.
Arhon Pineda
Arhon Pineda Ай мурун
Porier is basically a badass version of peter parker
The Summerhays Clan
The Summerhays Clan Ай мурун
He is so skinny
jhon reckner
jhon reckner Ай мурун
0:31 his lats are fucking insane omg!
VznryFilms Ай мурун
Mcgregor Is no where near as passionate
-_- Ай мурун
Dustin is thicc
Samus Ай мурун
Conor : 1 5 5 that's championship weight ! Meanwhile on a far Island , Khabib and DC ordering BIG CHEESE BURGER. Champ Champ !
Jujojo Ай мурун
Why tf is Dustin wearing a dog muzzle
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher Ай мурун
Dustin looked skinny and depleted and very unhappy
Recall Ай мурун
That’s 11 stone! Why so skinny? Not having a go like just interested why does he have to be that thin
69birdboy Ай мурун
Conor looks like a featherweight almost
Tim W
Tim W Ай мурун
Conor looking absolutely fantastic. Best shape of his life
Hamza Nazeer
Hamza Nazeer Ай мурун
Joe Jennings
Joe Jennings Ай мурун
Dustin turnin up for a pay cheque😆
Tommy Veee
Tommy Veee Ай мурун
I know it's only a pound but u notice he was the only one to come in at exactly 155. Dustin, hooker, and chandler all came in at 156. Wonder if conor paid the scale guy to do that and fuck with everyone Hahaha
John Doe
John Doe Ай мурун
Dustin really doesn’t look to have any confident body language or facial expressions going.
Lâm Võ
Lâm Võ Ай мурун
Conor vs tony
NINER1 Ай мурун
It’s still Khabib Time! lol
MysticMike91 Ай мурун
If only he came in this sort of shape for the khabib fight. I went back and looked at his early weigh in for 229 and he almost looked like the featherweight version. Cheek bones showing and looked drawn out, lack of energy. Here he’s 4 years older & he looks to be in phenomenal shape. Go have a sus yourself guys and let me know what ya’ll think
abdul rahman Umpar
abdul rahman Umpar Ай мурун
That weakling conor
CreamofTheCrop Ай мурун
Props to him cutting that extra pound is actually tough and he didn’t have to.
yo Ай мурун
Khabib changed Conor
night king
night king Ай мурун
Conor is oozing confidence and looking fresh even getting his weight spot on. Much respect.
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov Ай мурун
That's because Khabib retired, if Khabib ever decides to come back and smesh Conor for a 2nd time, he won't be oozing that same confidence, this irish clown.
Thomas Darya
Thomas Darya Ай мурун
Same result Conor TKO
jack oconnell2020
jack oconnell2020 Ай мурун
What's the deal? Can Khabib be stripped of belt and this fight be for the belt or is it too late for that?
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Ай мурун
Thats 155 championship weight
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Ай мурун
Tats wan five five
Baldo Norris
Baldo Norris Ай мурун
Dustin already wearing red panty😂
Zach H.
Zach H. Ай мурун
This guy is able to stay so motivated despite having millions in the bank.
funnyvids Ай мурун
mate your only getting this chance because khabib retired.. lose the arrogance.. you got battered
Harry John
Harry John Ай мурун
I stopped my 9-5 with the help of that here look up on the web for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Nick B
Nick B Ай мурун
He looks lethal. On the verge of a frenzy. Hes going to explode
HolySpiritandKevin Ай мурун
How did Dustin make weight if he was 156? Wouldn't 155.9 be the highest you can be for lightweight?
Gary Tucker
Gary Tucker Ай мурун
You lot watched to much biggy daddy and giant haystacks as kids ,they were better at acting too.
Gorgeous puppy Gucci
Gorgeous puppy Gucci Ай мурун
broski not loski
broski not loski Ай мурун
Red pantie night for dustin
AC Cortes
AC Cortes Ай мурун
Dustin doesn't look like he's gonna fight. He looks like a teenager who just found out he's been picked to fight right after school is let out in the yard. He really only has to show up and get in the cage and he'll get his 1 million guaranteed.
P1ckle R1ck
P1ckle R1ck Ай мурун
Cocaines a hell of a drug
paul johnson
paul johnson Ай мурун
Looking at him there, he could easily make 145 again, if he had to.
Shane Dougherty
Shane Dougherty Ай мурун
to all the casuals, we get it Mcgregor tapped twice who tf cares!
Shane Dougherty
Shane Dougherty Ай мурун
@Hamza Nazeer thanks man!
Hamza Nazeer
Hamza Nazeer Ай мурун
@Shane Dougherty good breakdown mate
Shane Dougherty
Shane Dougherty Ай мурун
@Hamza Nazeer he just doesn't seem to have that drive though, old Conor would of fought on the hurt leg and not froze up, the dude let money money get to him and just quit competing and gave up on UFC but now he misses the thrill of winning fights but it's just too little too late, we'll see if he actually gets more active or just retires again. lol
Hamza Nazeer
Hamza Nazeer Ай мурун
@Shane Dougherty i would say he still is what he was. He's just getting exposed now. He was fighting people who were MUCH smaller than him at featherweight, and once he moved up, Nate mauled him, Khabib mauled him and now Dustin stopped him. He was simply never as good as his fans make him out to be. Plus eddie alvarez was the weakest champion in lightweight history so that's not much of an achievement.
Shane Dougherty
Shane Dougherty Ай мурун
@Hamza Nazeer tko but yeah he needs to be more active, he's just not what he once was.
tech no
tech no Ай мурун
you can tell those chicks in the back where turned on by Conor.
d 40
d 40 Ай мурун
Love both fighters but I can see conor smoking him in the first round.
Charlie Mason
Charlie Mason Ай мурун
The McGregor Show is a joyous occasion so sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.
mblondon850 Ай мурун
That bottle of proper 12 about to get ruined
crazy gunner
crazy gunner Ай мурун
Fvcks wrong with these khabib cults, lurking everywhere. Yikess
ShallowDepression Ай мурун
Only pussies wear masks, nice one Conor!
michael colascione
michael colascione Ай мурун
Conor looking almost as lean as he did at 45 minus the insane drain on his cheeks lol
forward Pedro
forward Pedro Ай мурун
If I had to bet I would say Connor wins, but we should already know this sport is unpredictible, things like a good strategy, a lucky shot in first rounds, can change everything and even if one of the fighters looks scared, you never know when that fear creates a crazy psycho "animal about to get hunt" mentality that overwhelms the oponent or....or the oponent gets overconfident and loses because of that
Sergiu Toma
Sergiu Toma Ай мурун
If Dustin gets him on the ground it's a rap
forward Pedro
forward Pedro Ай мурун
lol I always have a the biggest laughs with the mma community comments, thank you all for the good times
Alfie Ай мурун
Dustin should have gone “156! That’s championship weight”
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez Ай мурун
... immediately runs behind the curtain to jug down a drink and some big steaks for sure...
Jack Paul Pennington
Jack Paul Pennington Ай мурун
New fresh dangerous Conor Mcgregor 👊👊
Adam Stevens
Adam Stevens Ай мурун
performance enhancing substances? very big change in muscle mass
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Ай мурун
Both look a little small
The one and Only Spook
The one and Only Spook Ай мурун
Dustin is going to sleep 😴 and I don't even like McGregor
Paul Murray
Paul Murray Ай мурун
I thought the limit was 155lbs not 156lbs?
All MMA Ай мурун
Порье надо было советский противогаз одеть)
Time Code
Time Code Ай мурун
He dropped that weight fast you can tell. Gonna be some fight
Dan Martin
Dan Martin Ай мурун
Most ironic thing I seen in my life, supposed hard men wearing face masks like wimps
Lab Junkie
Lab Junkie Ай мурун
Dustin looked like he was gonna puke ... fuck weight cutz bro
KennethPlays Ай мурун
Conor looks fantastic and strong, Dustin looks drained
George Atkey
George Atkey Ай мурун
I've always found it weird that they announce "former interim champ", I mean yes Dustin was an interim champ, but he lost to "the" champ so it seems a bit pointless
Rt Rt
Rt Rt Ай мурун
Dustin missed by 1 lb. Conor looks ripped and healthy at 155.
BlueCollarDaily Ай мурун
Did yall not see the wobble Dustin had going on trying to do the pose?
gogo boosh
gogo boosh Ай мурун
Conor knew Dustin was 156. Mystic Mac.
ASD 4 Ай мурун
Old times trash talking Conor New Conor respectful Conor
xoavid Ай мурун
he sounds like old Connor as well 😳
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Ай мурун
Khabib dont even make 155
Paul101111 Ай мурун
You guys think Connor looked fresh? I don't know man, he looks skin and bones to me right now. Pretty damn depleted. In my opinion they're both too big for 155 and the UFC should start a 162 lbs weight class. You can tell on both of their faces how drained they are, even if Connor is better at hiding it.
heywapo Ай мурун
Lats on lats
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