UFC 257: McGregor vs. Poirier Preview Show

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sportsbettingman 24 күн мурун
My favorite two UFC reporters.
Numb Chumpsky
Numb Chumpsky Ай мурун
3:15 my dude went full David Brent hahaha steaming
ClassicRockMan95 Ай мурун
He looks like the older brother from Surf's Up.
Dana: “Alright fatass what ya got for me?”
Janiter Inadrum
Janiter Inadrum Ай мурун
You know what it is about a pelican.? His beak can hold more than his Bellycan
K Jame
K Jame Ай мурун
Both very funny looking dudes
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Ай мурун
Morgan is lowkey an mma legend
Michael Silver
Michael Silver Ай мурун
Glad John dressed up for the occasion
robertg305 Ай мурун
First question
Pakkoh Delericho
Pakkoh Delericho Ай мурун
Rip lmao
angelesoinsectos Ай мурун
No updates??? Are you guys OK?? 🤣 🤣 🤣
Andrés Domínguez
Andrés Domínguez Ай мурун
"This is number 1 bullshit" K. N AKA GOAT 😂😂😂
Kill Him
Kill Him Ай мурун
Conor you better retire
angelesoinsectos Ай мурун
So is this channel in suicide watch now?? 🤣 🤣
093_pyriel chandra
093_pyriel chandra Ай мурун
Love that guy
LoowisK Ай мурун
John Morgan is what your stereotypical American looks like
Askren By KO
Askren By KO Ай мурун
Retirement is treating DC well I see..
Firas MHENNI Ай мурун
is this the fat guy ??
Austin Spray
Austin Spray Ай мурун
As much as I used to dislike him dude is a good interviewer
kevin Ай мурун
Is Oscar on drugs here wtf
Lewis Cunningham
Lewis Cunningham Ай мурун
ahahah yes Oscar! Enjoy the show!
DJ R4R R4R Ай мурун
Whose got the first question ?
PeopleAdverts Ай мурун
That’s not even a double chin it’s a thumb on a shoulders
Neightiznot Ай мурун
Mr chinless
Feed Me To My Enemies
Feed Me To My Enemies Ай мурун
This dude...
Glass Meadow
Glass Meadow Ай мурун
John Morgan is the type of guy who arrived at school as a kid and took attendance of the entire faculty just to make sure he got the first question inside every classroom.
MOTGA Ай мурун
Fat John!! The legend, The Myth, The Voice and The chin.
kelan 1
kelan 1 Ай мурун
1st question
D Mad
D Mad Ай мурун
Who's got the first question
Psych Kingler
Psych Kingler Ай мурун
It's that fat a hole that asks all the stupid questions!!!!!
Hi T1000
Hi T1000 Ай мурун
Legend? Never knew getting to answer the first question made u a legend but ok...
Burf Giblet
Burf Giblet Ай мурун
VGNandy Ай мурун
Sounds like Oscar has had a few too many proper 12s 😂
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician Ай мурун
But if he's here... Whose out there asking the first question???
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Ай мурун
Oscar is loving life. Need to get Oscar with the BTSport lads for a preview.
WeChat Warrior
WeChat Warrior Ай мурун
Now THAT is a great interview hahaha nothing wrong with a few bevvies to get you loose. That interviewer has been great this week and it's nice to see him finally let loose and enjoy the fights today. Hope he's not too hungover to enjoy them though haha
Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney Ай мурун
Even the reporters are electrified 🤣💪
Tricky Ricky
Tricky Ricky Ай мурун
They got reporters reporting reporters & interviewers interviewing interviewers
Dementor Ай мурун
i love jhon
Stephen O'sullivan
Stephen O'sullivan Ай мурун
The notorious Oscar
CWF Ай мурун
I didn’t know Oscar was doing interviews anybody but McGregor, glad to see he doesn’t have those Irish balls in his mouth!
Joseph Madden
Joseph Madden Ай мурун
Old mate John doesn’t look that fat... but start doing some chin ups son - pun intended
Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver Ай мурун
Mac life guy is pissed
Fatal1ty !
Fatal1ty ! Ай мурун
That fat journalist guy.
Hassan Nabih
Hassan Nabih Ай мурун
Our man looks he had one or three glasses.of.proper whiskey
Sam Newman
Sam Newman Ай мурун
Stephen "when you look at it from that perspective" A Smith
Kyle Lahner
Kyle Lahner Ай мурун
Love this
Kosta dean
Kosta dean Ай мурун
Who's got the first question
Ishan Sapkota
Ishan Sapkota Ай мурун
It's the Mac Life we can use anything we want 😂😂
Sarcastic Genius
Sarcastic Genius Ай мурун
Oscar the type of guy who asks John Morgan the first question.
Ishan Sapkota
Ishan Sapkota Ай мурун
John "Who's got the first Question?" Morgan
Shaunpl23 Ай мурун
Is it just me, or did NO one else know oldmate first questions actual name 😂
Modest Ай мурун
How is this interviewer still overweight.
King Kev
King Kev Ай мурун
Louis is on the proper 12 🥃
Matthew Masters
Matthew Masters Ай мурун
Yall should link up on interviews more this was a good one
Jake Houlahan
Jake Houlahan Ай мурун
Oscar’s up there with one of the best interviewers around the UFC... especially drunk Oscar 😂
Qpid Ай мурун
MacLife Oscar on a deadllly buzz
Hiberno Pithecus
Hiberno Pithecus Ай мурун
Wandering Lion
Wandering Lion Ай мурун
Reporter to Morgan: Hey man, now that the emotions have settled, tell us how you feel coming into this press conference to ask all these questions, what was it like waking up in the morning knowing you were going to interview conor mcgregor? Walk us through it man
Stipe Miocic
Stipe Miocic Ай мурун
When your belly grow under your chin.......
KD Ай мурун
Oscars really come into his own as a reporter
N.N.A Ай мурун
Oscar looks like he's just come out of the closet on this one 🤣
g metz
g metz Ай мурун
It's more the spot where conor clipped him
kv kp
kv kp Ай мурун
The background is dustins head when he see conor
Code Kama
Code Kama Ай мурун
we love you John
Mustseenow!!! Ай мурун
John had to ask about Conors court case..
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Ай мурун
Legend???...this guy is the most annoying guy !!!
N J Ай мурун
Big Z made the flight from Pen Gu island! Nice
TheNotorious James
TheNotorious James Ай мурун
Mr. Thickest Neck
Dylan Ostasiewski
Dylan Ostasiewski Ай мурун
I love how all the best mma media have been collaborating
Justin Ай мурун
Take in this guys famous from asking the first question every time
Dolan Nalod
Dolan Nalod Ай мурун
jeezus look how fat that guy is !
JB B Ай мурун
Dude , you made this week so much better haha all the content was excellent ! Keep it up
Gabe Smith
Gabe Smith Ай мурун
He picked Poirier. Probably why he wasn't asked for his prediction.
mstroz613 Ай мурун
Great fucking interview... 2 guys that love talking fights and keeping it real. No script, just some water cooler chit chat
L-79 Ай мурун
That chin tho
Jamie Robertson
Jamie Robertson Ай мурун
I just realised something, if Oscar changed his last name to Oscar and then identified as an Oscar and then acted in a movie and won an Oscar. People would say "Hey look! It's Oscar Oscar the Oscar winning Oscar".
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Ай мурун
This was funny man! Reporters have personalities lol Hats of to MacLife Shit tones of top content LETS GO GUYS CANT WAIT!
closinginonclosure Ай мурун
He's a real piece of shit for asking that lawsuit question in the beginning of the press conference and trying to make it about that instead of the fights. Glad they all booed him.
Mark Craciun
Mark Craciun Ай мурун
Okay he might be drunk 😂
I SEE ORBS Ай мурун
John's neck looks like he swallowed Dana's head.
WarriorFromValhalla Ай мурун
Slightly buzzed Oscar has to be the best version of him.
Varun Prakash
Varun Prakash Ай мурун
This guy is the P4P No. 1 journalist. Somehow gets to ask the first question all the time haha
Mal Mort
Mal Mort Ай мурун
To bad he didn't ask Morgan why he brought up Conners lawsuit and how did he react to the boos when he asked that dumb question
Mark Craciun
Mark Craciun Ай мурун
Frank White
Frank White Ай мурун
Plot twist : Oscar is interviewing a UFC fighter making his debut
Squidrito Ай мурун
John Morgan needs to start looking to lose some fat, especially with his age.
Valor Defender
Valor Defender Ай мурун
Mr. FatBoy Inc. Mr. Fair enough. He was disrespectful asking Conor about the lawsuit at the press conference. The entire press that night were onPoint. Some of the best questions by the press in AbuDabi. Chunks was the only bum to spoil it momentarily. Anyway, Cheers to a great fight Saturday!!!!
James H
James H Ай мурун
"The double chin does what the fuck he wants" - The Notorious John Morgan
Dmac9994 Ай мурун
The most stupid question is "who got the first question?"
Guri Janollari
Guri Janollari Ай мурун
Morgan was good.. But he messed up when he asked Mcgregor about the lawsuit during the press conference.. So unnecessary.. Stupid question
metalheadblues Ай мурун
McGregor handled it well tho
Stijn Lits
Stijn Lits Ай мурун
gave it a like before the video even started, both legends
David Ай мурун
these guys are having so much fun on fight island. there must be such an awesome vibe around there
jo ma
jo ma Ай мурун
He don’t have a neck anymore!! Sad
D Army
D Army Ай мурун
Mr 1st question with 2nd question getting the mr first question replying with second question 😂
no prisoners COMEDY
no prisoners COMEDY Ай мурун
They should sell that backboard thing. Would be great for a man cave
NoCulture Ай мурун
Soyboy Morgan
David Paterson
David Paterson Ай мурун
Number 1 and 2 in the media business. But which is which. 😂. Class video. 🥃
Mark Whelan
Mark Whelan Ай мурун
That's 5 mins I've lost what a crock of shit never again dickheads.
Braedon Graf
Braedon Graf Ай мурун
Morgan looks in insain shape!!! 😑😆
jcas98jc Ай мурун
Amazing crossover.
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