Jon Jones says Conor McGregor inspired him to want more money to fight at heavyweight [Archive]

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12 күн мурун

Jon Jones wanting more money to compete at heavyweight is nothing new. The pound for pound great was talking about it over two years ago, at the UFC 235 media day in February, 2019.
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Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 3 күн мурун
Conor did show what talking and asking can do but Conor is also wildly popular. Jon needed to gain the love of the fans years ago but he didn't. Jon has had no right to ask for Conor money until right now because his lack of interest turned to all of the interest when he said he was moving up to heavyweight. Dana will use past numbers to show Jon's worth but Jon needs to focus on how much interest this fight is getting. I know Jon isn't asking for 50 million but it's a good starting point in the negotiation if he's trying to get 20 million or so. He should focus on the percentage of the PPV money.
Farmer Dang
Farmer Dang 3 күн мурун
lth lth
lth lth 3 күн мурун
A shame he's not a draw like Conor, which is why he wont get paid like Conor.
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops 3 күн мурун
Bud Henry
Bud Henry 4 күн мурун
He ain't Connor. If he Connor, he would said that he wants Francis in Africa.
Abraham Chavez
Abraham Chavez 3 күн мурун
Bruh he wants a paycheck because he's been defending his belt for over ten years
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano 4 күн мурун
The only thing Conor will inspire Jon to do is hit old man lol
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano 4 күн мурун
Conor went up two weight classes on short noticed while sick or something before he asked for big money. He also sold out arenas before he was anywhere near the main event and still didn’t publicly demand more money.
Gilbert Castro
Gilbert Castro 4 күн мурун
Fucking Conor Mcgregor haters don't appreciate Conor at all.
Ang Goose
Ang Goose 5 күн мурун
Connor should have inspired Jones to fight clean of steroids.
James Clark
James Clark 5 күн мурун
Is this a old interview?
AFT 5 күн мурун
Jones understood wrong. To make ”connor money” its not only to ask. Its to deliver. To create connor-like interest.
Mazen99 6 күн мурун
Repost for views
Alge08 7 күн мурун
JJ is asking for more money just after signing a new contract. If u wanted more because ur worth more then argue that before the new contract.
Aathi MS
Aathi MS 7 күн мурун
Conor inspires every athlete on the roster
liu ken
liu ken 8 күн мурун
I don't see Danna white would like to pay more.
Luis António Duarte Ah-Hoy
Luis António Duarte Ah-Hoy 8 күн мурун
Jones should be a bit more humble. DC was 38 years old (and clean) in their 2nd fight... but he still dominated Jones for more than 10 minutes.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 8 күн мурун
THIS WAS actual questions that had relevance but Its time for sport news to start firing or demoting reporters who answer the question for them or just talk to get messages or options on air. If they can't put some thought into questions they will ask then they arent worth the time.
Flavio Solano
Flavio Solano 8 күн мурун
Conor did make Khabob who he is
Blade Killer
Blade Killer 8 күн мурун
Jon Jones never sold an 1 mill ppv buys so he should not expect what Connor gets.
It feels good to walk around with a neck full Bang🔥
Quinton ward
Quinton ward 8 күн мурун
That last time jones had an opponent as dangerous as Ngannou i watch rampage vs jones i think he will do the same to francis i also think rampage had better stand up in his prime!! But the world is going to be mad again cause i dont see jones gettin ko'd no one and i mean no one has done it yet!!! And he fought legends!!! Let that sink in!!
Kristjan Rom
Kristjan Rom 9 күн мурун
Connor got 7 1mio+ ppvs fights, Jones got none, yet wants money Connor makes lol
TheSatisfied Customer
TheSatisfied Customer 9 күн мурун
This is from years ago
Atlanta Atlanta
Atlanta Atlanta 9 күн мурун
Connor has done so much for this sport showing your worth and getting paid for it all these Fighters need a pay raise. Prime example Rory MacDonald only got paid $50,000 for that Epic/fight of the year fight against robbie lawler. People can say what they want the UFC needs to pay jones and Francis BIG MONEY for this these Fighters are so underpaid
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 9 күн мурун
Gtfo. He just doesn’t want to fight Francis.
SUMAIR EBRAHIM 9 күн мурун
Jon is 230 - 235 for lightheavy weight and dc is 230 at max at lhw and on heavyweight dc comes at 233-40 at max I don't understand what jon is say that dc comes 30 lb bigger than him
YouTube User
YouTube User 9 күн мурун
Pay the man ffs!!!
Kel Gee
Kel Gee 9 күн мурун
Click bait!!!
morty 9 күн мурун
Khabib made the most in one fight, which was 6 million for the conner fight, jon jones has already said no to 8 to 10 mill, which would be the biggest payday for a ufc fighter ever. I don't think Jon is scared, but it does look like he's pricing him self out abit. Say he wants 25 to 30 million. They would also need to give that to francis, to make it fair francis is the champ he needs to be getting at least as much. And I don't think the ufc will do a pay out that big, I know boxing does bigger numbers, but I think it's probably due to boxing having multiple big organizations not just one like ufc, also boxing's been around for alot longer, mabye it has more patrons and sponsors built up over time. I'm just speculating here with this last bit though I don't know for sure.
PoloRalphLaurenBear 9 күн мурун
They should make it comfortable for you and worth your while. *Nek minnut* Dana I want 50 million dollars White:Stonks.
Tiago Alves
Tiago Alves 9 күн мурун
i would do lots of cocaine if i was supposed to fight ngannou
Pongti Yana
Pongti Yana 9 күн мурун
Conor has changed the game
Unkn0wn_User 9 күн мурун
We thought it was because of your addiction to cocaine.
Ray Khamis
Ray Khamis 9 күн мурун
You aren’t as entertaining as Connor and no one can rely on you to fight
killah8kash 9 күн мурун
Petro Igor Vandevick
Petro Igor Vandevick 9 күн мурун
Mmd123 King
Mmd123 King 9 күн мурун
Lasnar vs jones will make atleast 1 million ppv buys atleast a miniume guarantee. Btw let them both fight on steriods
Richard Pinto
Richard Pinto 9 күн мурун
Next interview... Jones: "Connor McGregor inspired me to get... my ass f****d up."
Oleg Djakonu
Oleg Djakonu 9 күн мурун
Great,but you are not Conor....booooooy
Forrest 9 күн мурун
He's trying to make himself a bigger star than he is. He's not worth that money, barely beat little dom reyes
The Jerk
The Jerk 9 күн мурун
Good job Maclife!! Put up an old interview with John Jones up to get views. 👍🏻
FPSCongo1 9 күн мурун
I cant even listen to this clown. Doesnt have a single top 20 ppv yet wants Conor money. Get TF out of here Jon "hit and run a pregnant woman" Jones
Royko Farm
Royko Farm 9 күн мурун
230 sounds really good. Open another divison.
Takezo San
Takezo San 9 күн мурун
hes not wrong. Dana is a fucking billionaire
Austy Pebbles
Austy Pebbles 9 күн мурун
Give the man 15mil God damn he deserves it dana makes so much every card and all the fighters don't really get shit unless they get fight of the night and even then. Jon Jones deserves 15 and let him retire soon. Dana jumping all over piracy and increasing the price why should he not got a percentage without him it wouldn't even be a big draw to begin with even if it's not ngannou Jon Jones is bringing so many people to the table they both are so give them both what they deserve how is the organization making more than the people fighting to begin with
Austy Pebbles
Austy Pebbles 9 күн мурун
Sorry it's harder to promote and set up a event than it is to fight another killer in a cage, that we profit off and humiliate you publicly and shame you when you lose or do bad it's so wild blows my mind
morati1963 10 күн мурун
The GOAT deserves more money!
Nate Castro Channel
Nate Castro Channel 10 күн мурун
Two narcissistic men can’t agree on something very shocking
Dan Breen
Dan Breen 10 күн мурун
problem is jon that Conor is a household name in every country in the world.your not.
Emir yz
Emir yz 10 күн мурун
Im not a conor fan but the dude just pulls numbers. Jon really doesn't.
Michael Gunning
Michael Gunning 10 күн мурун
This dude crazy as hell
Michael Gunning
Michael Gunning 10 күн мурун
And wtf u need that money for.
phœnix 10 күн мурун
8. Donald Cerrone: $6,584,000 7. Jon Jones: $7,025,000 6. Georges St-Pierre: $7,037,000 5. Michael Bisping: $7,135,000 4. Anderson Silva: $8,112,000 3. Khabib Nurmagomedov: $8,680,200 2. Alistair Overeem: $9,569,500 1. Conor McGregor: $15,082,000
111M views 10 күн мурун
mahesh anirudh
mahesh anirudh 10 күн мурун
The fact Jones was considering Brock back then and now he is up against a much tougher Francis Should be interesting hope it doesn't get screwed like the bouts he had with DC being tested positive for PEDs
Keño Escobar
Keño Escobar 10 күн мурун
Jon "colombian power" jones
ito 10 күн мурун
CONOR is at the beach while killers spend 5 out of 7 days in the gym
Kevlar 92
Kevlar 92 10 күн мурун
Says he beats dc after a week bender on coke but wants an extra 7-8 million to fight in the division
Y2KDYNASTY 10 күн мурун
"without the fighters there ain't no organization" 100% true
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov 9 күн мурун
LMAO , they aren't slaves jon jones gets $5 million dollars per fight, plus 3% of ppv on first $300,000 ppv buys, 5% upto $500,000 and 10% after that . Just another poor athlete , smh.
Rudolph Mertel
Rudolph Mertel 10 күн мурун
Who the fuck is Jon Jones?
TornadoF60 10 күн мурун
JJ will destroy Ngannou easily !!!
Col Iin
Col Iin 10 күн мурун
You guys are all dumbasses: It’s not that simple bro most fighters just want a higher percentage of the revenue which is completely fair. The UFC pays the fighter 16 percent of the revenue which is ridiculous. Every fighter on the roster including Mcgregor is getting robbed HARD. For example, Jon Jones vs DC 2 sold around 800,000 ppv’s. Jones made 500k and Dc made 1 million in disclosed pay. Compare that to FURY VS WILDER which sold around the same amount they made around 30 million EACH. That’s a 60 million dollar payout and a 10 million dollar disclosed payout compared to Jones vs DC 1.5million dollar payout. Another example is Conor vs Diaz 2 which did around 1,500,000 ppv buys...Conor and Diaz COMBINED made 5 million in disclosed pay which is terrible to compared to what Cotto vs Floyd did which also had 1.5 million pay per view buys. Combined they had a 40 million dollar payout and that’s not even counting the PPV. I literally could go on and on for every event. And remember these are the main eventers...the co main and below is getting robbed EVEN WORSE. They are not paid what they are worth at all. Also they can’t just leave the organization for another organization because they have to be discharged first which is why Dana literally holds them hostage and says just retire to people like Jones and Masvidal because he’s so controlling to the point that he doesn’t want another promoter to pick them up and actually pay them what they are worth.
Jacob Rothschild
Jacob Rothschild 10 күн мурун
Ngannau gonna kill Jon Jones don't do it
inner peace
inner peace 10 күн мурун
He said no Conner didnt inspire him, click bait title
Rick Ortiz
Rick Ortiz 10 күн мурун
Can't wait till this clown loses to francis then messes up yet again
PISTOL PETE 604 10 күн мурун
I dont like you anymore Jon you have no passion dude.... Too bad you couldn't act mature and just keep your big mouth shut you're an awesome fighter but an asshole an not a likeable person
tonyspoetry 10 күн мурун
Jon bit light for heavyweight
DRIVE CLUB 10 күн мурун
Dana is right...Jones is scared its obvious 🤫
Mario L.
Mario L. 10 күн мурун
If only he was a draw like Conor is, until then stop comparing yourself to him Jon 😐
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani 10 күн мурун
get you monney champ !
Arsenal K
Arsenal K 10 күн мурун
Floyd Mayweather was the one who actually inspired millions around the world and is a legend whether you like it or not.
ESTP Alpha
ESTP Alpha 10 күн мурун
He never fought Mayweather. He is nowhere near as influential as Conor.
Sanat Srivastava
Sanat Srivastava 10 күн мурун
Conor McGregor is a successful showman. This roid junkie has no chance of getting the same pay cheque as Conor does.
kerrari kors
kerrari kors 10 күн мурун
Renatooth 10 күн мурун
50M to watch Jones vs Ngannou .... what the sponsors are waiting for ?
shogrran 10 күн мурун
conor pulls a lot of money not because he is good. but because hes not boring.
PvPGaunltett 10 күн мурун
British fan here I say put your hand in your picked Dana Jones deserves it 👍
trenton moore
trenton moore 10 күн мурун
F Humble
F Humble 10 күн мурун
Jones helped the sport grow, he deserves a payday. Seeing fans getting behind the UFC mafia disgusts me
Offensive CommonSense
Offensive CommonSense 10 күн мурун
Of COURSE he'd price himself out of this fight :)
KING V 10 күн мурун
Conor sells more PPV than anyone else
One day you’ll cease to exist
One day you’ll cease to exist 10 күн мурун
50 G’S BABY!!!!
Chad Hoover
Chad Hoover 10 күн мурун
Connor actually fought in two weight classes to win titles and fought in a third to fight Nate Diaz, THEN he got the big money. Just saying
JD 10 күн мурун
This is from 235 thats old
Ananth Krishnan R Menon
Ananth Krishnan R Menon 10 күн мурун
This video is the answer to haters saying Jon is pricing himself out of the fight against Ngannnou.He has been asking for a big payday for his heavyweight debut for 2,3 years now.
Chris Macht
Chris Macht 10 күн мурун
Fucking hell 🤙😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sweet T
Sweet T 10 күн мурун
This guy is a goof, hes just scared Ngannou WILL destroy him worst than dom lmao
Alexander Batterbee
Alexander Batterbee 10 күн мурун
More like Francis inspired him to stay the fuck out of heavyweight
Raigar Müllerson
Raigar Müllerson 10 күн мурун
LOL. Yet Jon is too dumb to realize that hes not as big of a draw the Connor. Maybe fight lewis or Stipe before, beat them and then ask for more. Dude for all we know Jon may not even be able to take a punch from Stipe or Lewis, let alone Francis.
Razr Sliq
Razr Sliq 10 күн мурун
Tbh Ngannou destroys Jones and everyone. If Stipe won I don't think Jon would be asking for more money.
KingRezz 10 күн мурун
The shadow realm awaits you bones, come let Francis take you there
fallenzz 10 күн мурун
he wants his 50 mil to lose, i get it. but kept screwing up man, TAKE the fight!
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic 10 күн мурун
They won’t pay him $50 million.
1776 Comes1st
1776 Comes1st 10 күн мурун
Its prize fighting! Dana isn't a "boss" to these guys lol! Without the fighters there is nothing, period. The ufc is a joke and the pay scale is pathetic. These guys can easily get more, they don't negotiate properly.
frederick marsh
frederick marsh 10 күн мурун
I reckon he’s a great little Irishman! Conner himself probably doesn’t even realise how much more popular he has made the Sport!
Gregory Papadopoulos
Gregory Papadopoulos 10 күн мурун
No Comfort Zone Here Jonesy Your Ganna Get Smashed. Either way. So Get As much as u Can out of Dana. And Have A Good Retirement.!!! Francis is The New Superstar of The UFC.
Gregory Papadopoulos
Gregory Papadopoulos 10 күн мурун
Jon Jones is on his way out ..Yer. Jones Knows he has just about No chance of winning . This One ..!! Not even his Bullshit spinning elbow is Ganna Save Him Here Yer .So Dana write out The Big Pay Cheque and Give it To Jon Jones. So He Can go Retire. And Give That Francis Cameron Kid The Belt Easy. If anyone wonts to Back Jones ill Give U 2 -1.. This Francis kid is another Mike Tyson. It is all Over..!!
Ville on
Ville on 10 күн мурун
"I'll fight Brock Lesnar" Brock is newer coming back. He will newer pass a drug test to be able to fight in the UFC.
Luke 1234
Luke 1234 10 күн мурун
Conor inspired me to give up
oOOo oOOo
oOOo oOOo 10 күн мурун
30 pounds difference ? is it not the weight difference between Ngannou and Miocic in their rematch ?
Leon 10 күн мурун
This is the GOAT, with more HOFs in his L column than anyone else... Put some respek on his name
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