Michael Chandler: “Conor McGregor will dust himself off and come back”

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Arghya Pottar
Arghya Pottar 2 күн мурун
Khabib would lose to this man ...I am saying as a indian
Arghya Pottar
Arghya Pottar 2 күн мурун
This man has the power to beat goat
King Slayer
King Slayer Ай мурун
Chandler greatest of all time!
King Slayer
King Slayer Ай мурун
He will beat anyone
King Slayer
King Slayer Ай мурун
This guy is the most amazing savage no joke!
Squidlings Ай мурун
Only 22 minutes? Did u cut most of this interview off?
i4Ni Ай мурун
i think chandler is my new ufc fav!!!!!! what a nice calm collected killing machine
Ciaran Mitchell
Ciaran Mitchell Ай мурун
'I dont hide my L's' - spends next 30 seconds trying to hide his L's as bad stoppages or injuries.
Gul Aziz
Gul Aziz Ай мурун
every body is gangster until khabib say tomorrow night I'm gona smash ur boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
tie oneon
tie oneon Ай мурун
wow...watched the presser ...great respect to MChandler !!!
tie oneon
tie oneon Ай мурун
Dustin fights Charles Oliveira and THAT winner fights the winner of of mchandler and cmcgreg
tie oneon
tie oneon Ай мурун
mc and cmcgreg would be a legit pairing if cmac cant hold his own against this " newcomer" it might be cmacs rhonda rousey moment
KingTomTheBomb Ай мурун
Great speaker.. Hes really a highly likable guy
Veeney Scellopenie
Veeney Scellopenie Ай мурун
Wow. what a good dude. I like his positive mindset, respect for other fighters and love towards his family.. The pedestal you put your wife must make her feel loved and proud. Congrats on the win, Looking forward to watching your path..
Kevin Cleary
Kevin Cleary Ай мурун
“Swell” this dude
Braden B
Braden B Ай мурун
Pior vs Diaz and mcgregor vs chandler please Dana
Jose Hildalgo
Jose Hildalgo Ай мурун
29- and chandler lol he’s delusional!!
viopsadmin Ай мурун
Confident, no trash talk, respectful, smart, and a skilled fighter. I hope he continues to do well in the UFC.
CollinOutdoors Ай мурун
Is there a reason there’s a fucking dog whistle playing through this whole video
Angels Games
Angels Games Ай мурун
I really don’t 🤔 u got what it takes ... to take out khabib....the guy requires a better wrestling game and I mean beyond....
Jeff Barrett
Jeff Barrett Ай мурун
What a clown. Khabib would wreck you...
Jann Eric dela Rosa
Jann Eric dela Rosa Ай мурун
People hate this guy? How?
James Hammond
James Hammond Ай мурун
Hey Micheal don't talk to much shit. You just got here .I would like to see you fight kahbib when you win the title though
Larry Tate
Larry Tate Ай мурун
Chandler is a very strong lightweight and has the cardio to keep the strength up for 5 rounds. He has a good chance of being the next lightweight Champ. Especially if Khabib stays out.
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard Ай мурун
Idk man Conor seems to have lost his KO power and I’m not sure if that’s something that you can just get back.
Abdullah Jaber
Abdullah Jaber Ай мурун
Khabib vs Chandler Poirier vs Nate Do Bronx vs Gaethje Tony vs Conor RDA vs Hooker
David Ай мурун
After watching Chandler speak so articulately and respectfully of his peers, I have a newfound level of respect for this athlete. As much of an arrogant wanker he seems in the cage, off-mat he comes off as a genuine guy with a ton of humility and gratitude about where he is in his business.
Marcelo Corrales
Marcelo Corrales Ай мурун
What an eloquent guy! he is so polite, correct, fluent and respectful on his speach.
KAZO98 Ай мурун
Chandler for LW champion!
D Ай мурун
John Davis
John Davis Ай мурун
Kevin Finn
Kevin Finn Ай мурун
I like chandler man, hes a good dude
whatdapakq Ай мурун
people forget that its all business, you got to say what to say to earn big PPV.
Matt M
Matt M Ай мурун
Someday I want someone to look at me the way Michael Chandler looks at his eyebrows in the mirror when he's manscaping them.
C W Ай мурун
Never seen a Chandler fight before this one.. ya can't help to like the guy hes very positive
Mai ek Changah bandah
Mai ek Changah bandah Ай мурун
Chandler needs to fucking pipe down. He actually thinks khabib is Gone come out of retirement for this clown. Justin gaethje would fuck him up
Haslam MMO
Haslam MMO Ай мурун
"Porrier is the kind of guy I want to beat the shit out of for 25 minutes, then go home with eachothers wives and live our lives"
my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football
my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football Ай мурун
I'm a fan
Robert Leo
Robert Leo Ай мурун
This man is mission capable of beating the current flock of 155, and a Christian, and that’s awesome.
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin Ай мурун
Also feel like Conor tries to be a style bender when he shouldn’t .grapples a guy. Known for grappling wrestling a guy that wrestles .your a striker kick the fucking guy In the head . Knee him in the face .strike god dammit .strike .also feel like Conor didn’t pressure like usual
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin Ай мурун
Conor looks stiff . Get rid of the boxing bums please . Get your movement back . All these guys suck come on Conor . I’m gunna comment every video .your the best .I believe you can be on top again beat khabib .I just can’t stand to see you look like a plain boxer when u got all the skills
yahya ahmed
yahya ahmed Ай мурун
Who is this nobody. He's not even qualified to say Connors
Funky Maclunky
Funky Maclunky Ай мурун
Legend has it Conor is still recovering from the hot sauce.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Ай мурун
I think hes a good match for Khabib based on the fact that khabib stalks then holds his opponents down and beats the shit out of them. I think chandlers wrestling make keeps the fight at a brawl. Who else have you got. Hes danas best chance at getting him to come back.
Nicki Bateson
Nicki Bateson Ай мурун
He won’t fight you he’s scared he scared to take that loss he knows it’s coming
Nicki Bateson
Nicki Bateson Ай мурун
Khabib is not the greatest sorry and I would love to see you squish him oh boy I would love to see just dismantle him he needs it so tired of seeing him hug people to
Nicki Bateson
Nicki Bateson Ай мурун
Good man! Great win my man great win.
Dex93 Ай мурун
I like em.
Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor Ай мурун
Dustin vs Charles for belt, Conor vs Tony, Justin vs Chandler???
Sergio Manzo
Sergio Manzo Ай мурун
Heard about him from Bellator, he gained a fan once he got on Theo Vons podcast, GANG GANG!
Adnan Isovic
Adnan Isovic Ай мурун
Very nice guy but Khabib ?? Come on bro 🤣😂😅
laatjelekkerlikken Ай мурун
Good luck to this guy!
Ricky Zaccone
Ricky Zaccone Ай мурун
10:50/ real life bane
Xxho_rixX Ай мурун
#6 dude not top 5,you should fight conner
nick lara
nick lara Ай мурун
This dude will be champ , the only dude that would be able to stop him is the pit bull ,so I would like to see him fight pitbull again!!
Connor McGuire
Connor McGuire Ай мурун
17:15 lmfaoooo
john calentine
john calentine Ай мурун
Keep your head up Conor. Passion with patience is a deadly combo.
Brock Scholl
Brock Scholl Ай мурун
That piece of lint in his hair tho...
Dylan Papenfuss
Dylan Papenfuss Ай мурун
This guy is cool
oKURUPTo Ай мурун
My ears be ringing
Brad Holtz
Brad Holtz Ай мурун
Metaphor machine
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera Ай мурун
That’s a future World Champion right there
Gavin Bonner
Gavin Bonner Ай мурун
4:15 sounds like this mans has other plans for him and dustin
Gavin Bonner
Gavin Bonner Ай мурун
Am i the only one thats suspicious of some of these fights? Hookers fights are typically an all out precision slugfest where both fighters leave in a stretcher, and in 257 he landed 0 head strikes 0 body and like 4 leg kicks. I saw the exact same stylistic change up from romero vs adesanya. Call me casual but it just doesnt make sense.
Jon Man
Jon Man Ай мурун
Khabib will never be the GOAT. You cant miss weight a bunch of times and refuse to go up and weight for a challenge to be considered the best of all time. The GOATS challenge themselves and win those challenges. Not miss weight half the time they go to the scale to be bigger then everyone they fight
MoeLarryCurly Ай мурун
These guys all say i can wrestle to Khabib, But we're talking about a two time world champion , Khabib gets his hands on you ,, it's over.
Nathan Hodgson
Nathan Hodgson Ай мурун
He had the biggest opportunity to talk shit and showed respect fair play to the man
k9 aid
k9 aid Ай мурун
Nope Conor is done fighting Top Tier fighters remember a few months ago he was cherry picking. He is to rich
mark miller
mark miller Ай мурун
i wasnt a fan of Chandler but now i am well spoked man ! He looks like a nice dude
Kevin De Oliveira
Kevin De Oliveira Ай мурун
Chandler is a great athlete, very respectable man in the way he competes and articulates himself. Despite that, Khabib would make him tap. No doubt about it.
Jimmy Churchwell
Jimmy Churchwell Ай мурун
Connor gone fight him to bust him off some change since he wanna be so sweet lol
SwayneIII Ай мурун
sorry, but Khabib mauls you....
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera Ай мурун
Congrats and holy crap I respect this guy so much now. I will be watching your other fights
Joe Ай мурун
Who is this guy? He's calling out Khabib?! Wow, seems like a youtube sensation!
Ryan Hewitt
Ryan Hewitt Ай мурун
Chanler how did your wife react that you had to fight some hooker?
Ryan Hewitt
Ryan Hewitt Ай мурун
Best fight even bro.
Lebn An
Lebn An Ай мурун
Lebn An
Lebn An Ай мурун
Who the f***k is that guy ?
Daniel Boldt
Daniel Boldt Ай мурун
Looks like Brian Urlacher after his hair transplant
Patrick V
Patrick V Ай мурун
Michael Chandler should have been in the UFC since 2019!! but since khabib was there it waz not marketable to have Chandler in there.. now they needed a superstar, there he comes, they are brilliant!!
Rambo Richardson
Rambo Richardson Ай мурун
Damn you Michael Chandler for making me cry! 💖 you Brotha! God Bless!
Giovanni Priori
Giovanni Priori Ай мурун
if he can get through oliviera he should get a title shot
young boxer 420
young boxer 420 Ай мурун
I bet on hooker before the fight but then I saw how confident he looked and how he was talking at the press conference. I knew I fucked up lol
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman Ай мурун
Casual here! I'm on the Chandler train
Crim Son
Crim Son Ай мурун
So I'll admit I'm not super well versed in the mma side of things being a boxing fan. But to the guys that do know, does chandler have a chance to best khabib?
Super Wisdom
Super Wisdom Ай мурун
Chandler u sure did warm up the main event
Doctor_J Ай мурун
This dude is actually pretty cool......but sorry he is NOT beating Khabib at all.
nn bb
nn bb Ай мурун
Mcgregor should be punished for punching that old man, if the UFC was a decent organsation, he should be kicked out of the UFC, his place is in jail!!
HumbleDew Ай мурун
I never understood the appeal of being a father, boring and the same as everyone else
Marc Molier
Marc Molier Ай мурун
We need the cocky Conor mcgregor back
Gordon Ай мурун
He looks and talks like Dustin Poirier
dëėfwxp Ай мурун
mcgregor put in the work so fucking respect it. anyway... chandler great way with words, respectful but can turn the switch, excited to see his future in the ufc, gg.
colby rodgers
colby rodgers Ай мурун
Chandler I must say forgive me for any doubts I may have had about your UFC debut sir. You're a top 5 LW of the entire world for sure
Sfiso Hadebe
Sfiso Hadebe Ай мурун
Kabibi vs Chandler... Nah Different levels man. Can't win one match and expect or callout Kabibi.. Too young bro
JPJ 20
JPJ 20 Ай мурун
He just made my top 5 favorite fighters 💯💯
SW-Solutions [K]ONS
SW-Solutions [K]ONS Ай мурун
Who the fook does this guy think he is?
sylvia hare
sylvia hare Ай мурун
So many ppl have said, oh he don't deserve or still doesn't deserve a title opportunity, yes he's now had only 1 UFC fight even tho he won or Yea it was one helluva performance maybe one of the best debuts if not the best in UFC history, or saying all of that but also stating even with all he's done in his career and in this fight he still has to and or needs to still improve on or add certain details in his skill set and has to earn a title shot and have a couple more fights to possibly fight Dustin or khabib. The thing that gets me tho is, I feel most ppl casuals or even Fans that have kept up with not just the UFC but MMA as a whole who truly and not only love the sport but actually know about the sport weather they've trained and or have competed in this one of a kind sport no matter the platform they've fought in no matter if it was local fighting events, middle, high school, college, Olympics if fortunate to have done so, fought in or trained in/for any MMA discipline weather it was wrestling, multiple types of wrestling fan as Greco-Roman, ect, kickboxing, boxing/MMA boxing, jujitsu, Taekwondo,, Karate, ect. Any and all types of MMA fans, experts whoever, right off fighters after a loss or are on losing streaks no matter if they wanted them to lose or win or the ones that every fights all eyes are on then, pretty much fighters in situations such as Conor in his fight this past weekend or guys like Michael Chandler. When actually far as Chandler goes actually has been in this game far longer then most especially in his division even in the top 10 to 15, no matter the ranking they are in tho this man has fought and beaten a who's who imo has won multiple titles an has lost in the big title or non title fights, he's a vet and a vet thats lost a few, yes but has always came back from them and showed why he is one of the greats and is on his way to possibly becoming one of the 🐐 in his weight class an just maybe one of the 🐐period. Although his fights with Eddie were a while ago even back then,depends both of the proved all this then an Chandler is proving it now. He's been there done that done fought and beaten some of the best an damn near all the who's who best of the best fighters an is imo nowhere near done yet. His record and resume speak for itself and with his resume and accomplishments has more then proved himself no matter the MMA organization/ organizations, opponent, whoever an whatever, maybe one more fight just to prove to certain groups off MMA fans or certain higher ups far as the UFC brass, weather its one more win Vs a top contender who's deserving of a shot as well, or a right away title shot, he's done earned and deserves the next title shot either way. He's payed his dues, has beaten almost the who's who, and deserves the shot if he won or loses the title fight if given the chance, more so tho has done earned the love an mostly the respect of all his piers, MMA fans no matter if it's from the so called casuals or MMA/ufc experts and or also called the hardcore/real fans and followers of UFC an the sport of MMA as a whole which I would consider myself in that category of being a true fan of whole sport of MMA which I've had the honor an privilege to train some of MMAs skill sets such as multiple types/styles of wrestling, a small portion of kickboxing and a decent amount of boxing but when I finally started taking it as serious as I could a almost fatal car wreck otw home from work, put all of that on hold for me and possibly for good and even tho I was found DOA at the wheel an the 20 plus surgeries since to try an make me close to normal again, no matter if I can or can't get back to all of that I'm just humble an blessed to be living an will make the most of it. An although there's no comparison to MMA fights/fighting, I've have had a good fair share of fights in general an have been fortunate when put in the situation to have won most but have took a few Ls as well and the few were honestly kinda bad ones but not just fighting but an type of Ls in life we all need. We can all win in anything if given the opportunity an have enough heart an balls to do so but, it's the loses downs and bad times that truly show what were really made of an who we really fucking are. He deserves it an none of us can say a thing till he's given the shot or see where he goes from here. BTW sorry for this long ass comment, I hardly ever comment but just wanted to share my opinion an a small part of my story. If there's positive or negative comments coming my way for this is what it is. Thank you, bless
Jesse Villa
Jesse Villa Ай мурун
I really don't Khabib is the goat he just has a style no body trains for, because fans don't like it..Khabib should stay retire because any of this guy will catch him and put him out.
Sak&Lofa Danny
Sak&Lofa Danny Ай мурун
Come on man don’t even think about fighting khabib the KING 👑 no body in this world can beat him.....your mouth like a lady but your punch is weak 100%
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano Ай мурун
Happy for Chandler but I hope Hooker bounces back
Leos 71
Leos 71 Ай мурун
Congrats to mike crazy finally with the backflip dude
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