UFC 257 Official Weigh-Ins: Main Card

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Ай мурун

The main card of UFC 257 weighs-in.
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T C 23 күн мурун
Its ridiculous how the fighters take time to change in and out of clothes , throwing clothes down where everybody walks. NASTY , Come on Dana make them wear a robe and have somebody carry it across the stage for them .
David Carter
David Carter Ай мурун
gotta give conor his props he always on weight... 1-5-5
David Carter
David Carter Ай мурун
I'd drink ribas bath water...she fine!!!
Bannedone To be seen
Bannedone To be seen Ай мурун
Why did I get notifications for this now?
A K Ай мурун
Who's here after dustin knocked tf out him
Mike dizzle
Mike dizzle Ай мурун
I honestly didnt recognize Jessica, i assumed she wouldn't make weight as usual but, she looks amazing. Ill admitt to being a total Jessica Hater for all the misses but, she did the work this time and it shows
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Ай мурун
Dustin looked drained and scared. Deer in headlights.
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Ай мурун
UrMomsFriend Ай мурун
Dustin looks fucked
OG Grinder
OG Grinder Ай мурун
That’s 1 Five Five Championship weight 👏🏽👏🏽
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez Ай мурун
Fckn love amanda, but thicker tho
UfakeShaek Ай мурун
Fighter: *Steps on the scale The scale: *HIGH PITCHED DEMONIC SCREECH*
Timbo Slice39
Timbo Slice39 Ай мурун
155 tell khabib I'm coming! Connor is a true champion I dont give a fook what anyone says
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia Ай мурун
Jessica eye mamasita
Nomad Fitness
Nomad Fitness Ай мурун
Man it feels like everyone is living in the matrix while Conor shapes the matrix.
Fernando Juarez
Fernando Juarez Ай мурун
Did conor look smaller than he usually does at 155?
DurryPaketbryan Ай мурун
dustin looks tired.....i want to see a good fight but it looks like dustin hasnt had a good week
MeLo Ай мурун
HERE WE GO! So hyped for this card bruh
Lake Tahoe Overdose
Lake Tahoe Overdose Ай мурун
If you call yourself a photographer and you don't snap the Ribas hip wiggle pantie toss... are you really a photographer? 🤔📸
Vince TX
Vince TX Ай мурун
It crazy how small they look and how big they get in 24 hours
Colum Ай мурун
Did Dustin make the weight or was over
David Williamson
David Williamson Ай мурун
Yeah looking at conors body, I don’t think Dustin has a chance. Conor looks exactly proportioned with muscle only where he needs it. He will be fast and won’t get tired in time for Dustin to do anything.
Another bad cut for JoJo
TheRealHerbaSchmurba Ай мурун
Mcgregor has a different build this time around.
J Kyle
J Kyle Ай мурун
I was born in the darkness, molded by it...
Rory Ай мурун
lol Jessica Eye made weight? That's a first.
MAK Kal Ай мурун
You can be 156lbs?
Alexandros Ай мурун
Jessica Eye caught you lacking
Jack Ай мурун
Amanda, hottest chick in the UFC. She fine as fk
Maxamed Cabdullahi
Maxamed Cabdullahi Ай мурун
I see Dustin winning this time!
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside Ай мурун
In America in bling bling but in Ireland in bling BANG 💪🇮🇪👊🇮🇪
Enlightened Turtle
Enlightened Turtle Ай мурун
"1 5 5 That's Championship weight!"
Joeybabbs .BABBS
Joeybabbs .BABBS Ай мурун
amanda beautiful and amazing hair.. Conor for the easy win, Hooker for the win.. thats all folks.. enjoy the streams..
ryan H.
ryan H. Ай мурун
Dustin P. Seems like a guy that will never get the respect he deserves even if he beat Conner and khabib.
sean consack
sean consack Ай мурун
Dustin looks done already
space migration
space migration Ай мурун
nik lentz weigh in just dissapeared after he walked out for it? what happened..
Christian A
Christian A Ай мурун
If chandler wins tomorrow... I’ll be surprised
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Official Weigh-Ins: A bloke pretending to operate a 1880's scale
Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst'
Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst' Ай мурун
f*ckkkkkkk amanda ribas is looking sooooo fine.
Ramon Crocodilians Productions
Ramon Crocodilians Productions Ай мурун
Let's geaux 💎💎💎⚜⚜⚜💪🏾🥊💯!!!
Franks n Beans
Franks n Beans Ай мурун
Chandler took the NYT recommendation and wore 2 masks
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic Ай мурун
0:41 omg this girl is so cute 🥰
Robert S.
Robert S. Ай мурун
And would knock you out lol
mrabout50 Ай мурун
Dustin already looks defeated bro..
Matthew Princiotta
Matthew Princiotta Ай мурун
I am soooo pumped for all the female fights. -said no one, ever
Robert S.
Robert S. Ай мурун
I am looking forward to it
Gibson Goglia
Gibson Goglia Ай мурун
Its as if eye is actively trying to be the most unlikable person on the roster
jamesnm21 Ай мурун
Conor "championship weight" Ferguson
Zour Pops
Zour Pops Ай мурун
I like this new Connar not an asshole
Half Brother
Half Brother Ай мурун
Dan Hooker is the happiest looking dude. they need to test him for MDMA or vibe enhancing substances
Bmore fan
Bmore fan Ай мурун
Besides Main event...Rodriguez vs Ribas is going to be fireworks Marina is lethal and we all know what Ribas has been doing!
Clayton Finney
Clayton Finney Ай мурун
Jessica Eye 👀!!! Nice Kitten!
Angelo Ай мурун
"thats 155 championship weight" YAAAASSSSSSSSSS
Dan Rudge
Dan Rudge Ай мурун
Can't wait!!! Would love to see a round 2 KO with a big left from Conor.
Dont KnOw123
Dont KnOw123 Ай мурун
0:07 is the camera man laughing hahahahahah
0703514r Ай мурун
Ribas and McGregor looking loose. Chandler and hooker looking relaxed. Eye looked ready. Rodriguez, Calderwood and Poirier looked like they had a hard cut
ÆRational Ай мурун
Boy I dunno man Conor looks big for 155 there...
Dormio Vibes
Dormio Vibes Ай мурун
God Ribas is so hot
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Ай мурун
yo amada looks good when she cuts cuz her nose shrinks more than anything, that and her loud voice
Chunky Knuckles
Chunky Knuckles Ай мурун
1:02 I will never forgive Mr. Camera Man for not showing me that booty......
Everyone talking about Dan Hooker but Dustin looked the most drawn out
Uros Todic
Uros Todic Ай мурун
"My stomach was a balooon"
Amanda Ribas is so fine
Queen J MMA
Queen J MMA Ай мурун
Championship Weight baby!
ET Tv Ай мурун
Boylo2492 Ай мурун
I'm loving the fact it looks like the cut took a little effort. I feel McGregor is always a bit sharper and more cerebral when he has a bit of a cut to make.
N Khan
N Khan Ай мурун
Let's go nasrat haqparast
Gin Ай мурун
When did jessica eye become so unlikeable?
Jon Jones On gas station dick pills
Jon Jones On gas station dick pills Ай мурун
Mcgregor always makes championship weight, not a pound over.
MB TAEVO Ай мурун
Who gives a fook
Waani Waaani
Waani Waaani Ай мурун
I don’t like humble Conor, dude was savage when he was merking dudes n talking shit
Don Dada
Don Dada Ай мурун
@Waani Waaani "you can't mature in 2 years" What kind of weed are you smoking?
Waani Waaani
Waani Waaani Ай мурун
@Don Dada khabib made him humble, you can’t mature in 2 years. He was talking about religious n wives 2 years ago
Don Dada
Don Dada Ай мурун
You must understand his maturity. He is a father as well. People grow.
Dustin "Spiceman" Poirier VS Conor "Canadian" Mcgregor
Karlsson Ай мурун
Lol Chandler nailed Bane
Whatt 1987
Whatt 1987 Ай мурун
Connor really need some abs
Ekz Ohw
Ekz Ohw Ай мурун
Goodnight mcnuggets
Bruno Campos
Bruno Campos Ай мурун
Dustin na capa do grilo, visivelmente abatido !
Melchionda Network LifeStyle Coaching
Melchionda Network LifeStyle Coaching Ай мурун
Hooker looks like a proud kid that got props from his father. Good to see him back
jaja veve
jaja veve Ай мурун
Chandler is a great grappler he has to pressure hooker like khabib just go for takedowns ground and pound and make him tired. Uff I don't think he is able to do that. Stand up fight with hooker.... He will get killed
Ashley Berridge
Ashley Berridge Ай мурун
Dustin looks like he's gonna cry hahahaha
Ashley Berridge
Ashley Berridge Ай мурун
Wheres the background music man. This weigh in is dead
Tom Hanscome
Tom Hanscome Ай мурун
He not the champ
UgetWhatU[FKN]Deserve Ай мурун
out of everyone in the top 5 at 155, conor the smallest. Surprised he didn't make 154 or 153
Disney Chase
Disney Chase Ай мурун
Conor looks small
flicfan416 Ай мурун
marina look like death
One day you’ll cease to exist
One day you’ll cease to exist Ай мурун
Is FOOKIN Scary‼️‼️‼️ The Notorious composed, calm and focused. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
UgetWhatU[FKN]Deserve Ай мурун
Dustin Jesus piece weighed about 1 lb
Bronson Duke
Bronson Duke Ай мурун
Chandler looked like he had the easiest cut. Hope he wins his debut. Even though Hooker has Knives for hands
リチユアーロン Ай мурун
Chuck 5
Chuck 5 Ай мурун
I am officially, currently and statistically taking a dump whilst watching this
Tiếng Anh Grabbike
Tiếng Anh Grabbike Ай мурун
The last one.
C Wallace
C Wallace Ай мурун
Eye made weight. That's a surprise. Still an annoying irrelevant fighter.
Professor Ай мурун
They‘re both the exact same height. Dustin has a very wide frame, almost like a rectangle - he will be 170-175 lbs on fight night. Conor has a slimmer frame and is a bit more muscular - he will be 165-170 lbs on fight night.
MMA Freaks
MMA Freaks Ай мурун
Fook Motivated Mcgregor.... Calm Friendly Mcgregor is the real threat
Ezic Ай мурун
Dustin seems kinda nervous
AceyFace Ай мурун
Poirier looks nervous man
dan gleesak
dan gleesak Ай мурун
Lets fucking go!!!
Gaston Hidalgo Miranda
Gaston Hidalgo Miranda Ай мурун
Chandler is huge for the height he is.
C P Ай мурун
You can even see Eyeee's fanny in there 😅
hehe_tommy Ай мурун
before the ufc weight-ins vid xD
D Carter
D Carter Ай мурун
Chandler on fight day: “what just happened” Doctor: “you were ko’d” Chandler: “how long have I been out for” Doctor: “for a good time not a long time”
William Sandidge
William Sandidge Ай мурун
I have a feeling Chandler gets his face punched off, but he's definitely capable of winning
D Carter
D Carter Ай мурун
@Captain JoJo I can see Chandler finishing him on the ground but I can also see Dan stuffing takedowns & taking him out from a distance
Captain JoJo
Captain JoJo Ай мурун
Well the good thing is that is not gonna happen lol
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic Ай мурун
He looks damn strong....we'll see!!
Titan Life
Titan Life Ай мурун
I got money on you Dan, you better fkg win😂😭
Kyle Tully
Kyle Tully Ай мурун
Connor looking skinnnnnny
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill Ай мурун
How in the Hell did Dan Hooker make featherweight??? He’s huge
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